Picture Perfect Parasols

(Paper Parasol with Bamboo Boning as sold by Weddingstar)

This clever little sun-shading device can play a plethora of roles in a wedding! Oh sure, it’s a wonderful way to keep the sun off during those hot summer days, and of course a wonderful gift for your guests, but that’s not even close to being the half of it.


To start off with, the parasol is a great alternative to bouquets for your bridesmaids. They are often inexpensive and will cut into your budget less harshly than fresh flowers. If your wedding is being held outside during the summer, the parasols will look elegant over the shoulders of your bridesmaids while at the same time keeping them from sweltering in the heat.

Parasols can also be carried by flower girls as a charming alternative to the traditional baskets filled with petals.

Patti and Ben

When it comes to props for photos, the parasol is a great addition! It can be held over the shoulder, used as a walking stick or even thrown into the air.

It doesn’t have to be held to be included in a wedding photograph. The parasols can simply be placed in the background of a photo for a bright splash of color.

One final use for the parasol, in honor of our recent Hanging Decor Blog, is for it to be incorporated directly into the wedding decor!

Bellagio parasols

So there you have it, all the things you never knew you could do with a parasol.

Of course, if you have additional ideas that I haven’t included here please feel free to comment and let us know! You might just help a Bride discover the one final detail she was missing from her wedding.

Included in this post is our very own Paper Parasol. (The first photo.)

Photographs courtesy of Lori Photography, Perfecto Insecto and kanu101.

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