Nature’s Whimsy

Working with Wildflowers

The wonderful thing about wildflowers is that they don’t appear overly structured and formal. They immediately contribute to a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

Beautiful Bachelor's Buttons Bouquet

Bachelor’s Buttons are the perfect flower for any ‘wildflower’ creations – the great thing about them is that they are incredibly easy to grow!

If you’re having a DIY summer wedding it would be a simple task to plant enough of them to decorate your entire event. They are hardy, beautiful and can be found in a plethora of pink, blue, purple and white shades. You don’t need to make full bouquets as the wildflower style is a lot more sparse.

I-565 wildflowers

Though perhaps not too common depending on your location – a field of stunning wildflowers is an incredible backdrop for wedding photos. Especially if you are going for a rustic, whimsical or romantic theme.

These poppies are not only gorgeous but they would look luscious surrounding a bride in a stunning white gown. If you are considering lying down in a field of wildflowers it is important to remember that the both crushed petals and pollen can stain. A discrete blanket hidden beneath you would be a great idea if you wish to remain white!

Joanne's organic flowers were just perfect

Wildflowers are the ideal addition to any rustic or vintage wedding. They look amazing in antique vases, mason jars and even tin cans! Where flowers like roses or orchids might look terribly out of place, a slightly messy arrangement of assorted wildflowers would be perfect!

Herb Bouquet Another unique idea is to use herbs in the same manner as wildflowers. This bouquet is make solely out of garden variety herbs.

Some herbs may give off a scent so you would want to ensure that it doesn’t class with your event or any food that might be served! (Of course, the same could be said for many types of flowers.)

Personally, I tend to gravitate towards the natural beauty that wildflowers lend to a wedding.

Relaxed or Formal, what is your flower style?

Photos courtesy of PinkStock Photos!, House Of Sims, mayrace and photofarmer.

3 thoughts on “Nature’s Whimsy

  1. I love peonies and yellow roses but I just adore wildflowers. The sunflower is my favorite.

    I really love driving down the highway or byways and seeing the beauty of wildflowers. They remind us not to take ourselves too serious or worry about unimportant things, because life is fleeting and will soon be caught up in the wind and blown away.

  2. Wildflowers just add a romantic and unique touch to the wedding’s overall mood. I personally love putting them all together for a bouquet- they just give me a peculiar feeling- majestic yet very very romantic. I couldn’t wait to see them in my very wedding day!

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