Get the Look: Whimsical D.I.Y Twine Wrapped Letters

Today I have another amazing D.I.Y tutorial to share with all of you – Whimsical D.I.Y Twine Wrapped Letters! I was inspired to make this guide from all the amazing yarn wrapped letters I’ve been seeing – from adorning wishing well tables to being an adorable prop for engagement and wedding photos, it’s an understatement to say that over-sized letters are en vogue. But, I wanted to offer a new spin for all our fashionista brides out there, which is why I chose to adorn our letters with the punchy brightness of striped cotton baker’s twine! Simple to use and gorgeous to behold (if I do say so myself) this tutorial is easy enough for any bride and can be finished in a couple of hours (especially if your bridesmaids are there to help!).So grab your scissors, some hot glue and a little bit of twine, we’re getting ready to wrap!

So first thing, you need to know what you’ll need to make these fabulous letters right? What I used was:

1.   Letter Forms: Obviously you won’t buy them already wrapped, I simply took a picture with mine already done because let’s just say they weren’t the prettiest looking letters! I bought them at Michaels for $2.49 a piece and they worked great, but being untreated wood, they screamed “SPLINTERS” at me the whole time I was wrapping them (and would have screamed that at you too if I had taken a photo of them in their natural state!). So you might want to grab cardboard letters or invest in a great pair of tweezers if you use the untreated wood variety! You could also save extra money by simply cutting them out of thick cardboard or gluing two thinner pieces of cardboard together.

2.   Striped Cotton Baker’s Twine: I love this product – it comes in great shades, it’s charming yet homespun and have you seen how funky it makes these letters look? It is the perfect finishing touch to add that little extra something and it looks adorable tied to any number of other wedding items from vases to centerpieces and chair wraps to bunting banners. Because it’s so versatile and simple to wrap with, I highly recommend grabbing a spool or two for your wedding crafts and beyond!

3.   Yarn: Any color is great for this project! I snagged this roll at Michaels again, and had left overs from my 60 yard selection so you’ll only need a little ball! Grandmothers and aunts can also be a great supply source for bride’s that want to save a few extra dollars too!

4.   Scissors: An obvious one, you’ll need something to cut all your wrapping materials with!

5.   Glue Gun and Hot Glue Sticks: Great for sticking all your twine and yarn down easily, a hot glue gun and sticks is going to be your best friend for this project. Just remember to use a pencil/chopstick ect… for sticking the twine and yarn into the hot glue, otherwise you will burn your fingers!

With all your materials ready to go, your ready to begin wrapping! I would have thought that there was nothing to it, you just start wrapping and away you go right?? Well lucky for me, I did my homework and found out there was actually a wrapping etiquette to follow to ensure all the nooks and crannies of each letter get sealed in. What you need to do is take a moment to look at your letter and then begin the vertical wrapping process before moving onto the horizontal one. This ensures that all the sides are covered (and all those nasty splinters waiting to happen are swathed too!). Here is an example of what I mean from the great tutorial on My Sister’s Suitcase that helped me:

{via My Sister’s Suitcase}

So as you can see, you need to cover the edges first. You can do this by wrapping the twine/yarn around three fingers a few times, snipping it and creating the pieces that are an inch or two long like you can see in Step 3 above. Then you glue them down on either side (Steps 4 + 5) and voila! I tried to do the wrapping as quickly and easily as possible so I did this method of wrapping only for the sections as shown. From here, I wrapped vertically around the rest of the areas as shown in Step 7:

{also via My Sister’s Suitcase}

As you can see in Step 8, you start to wrap horizontally once your vertical wrapping is done. And Step 9 shows a finished letter! Yippee!!! The “E” was definitely the letter that took the longest for me, as it has the most sides that needed covering. If you painted your letter a complimentary color with spray paint or craft paint before-hand, you could simply wrap it horizontally, but for full coverage, both vertical and horizontal wrapping is needed! I will also say a great tip for doing letter’s with a curve (like the “O”) is to wrap them with strips of twine cut from the rest of the spool. This way, you can easily slot them through the center of the letter, making it much easier to wrap. You will also need to experiment with the wrapping technique to get an even distribution of twine/yarn on the curves. I wrapped in a pattern where I overlapped my material on the inside of the curve so it laid nicer. But, the great thing is, no matter the wrap style, the twine has a great look that easily camouflages any boo-boos so simply have fun and I promise it will look wonderful in the end!

For this set of initials I used the Striped Cotton Baker’s Twine completely and added an accent to each with our little Novelty Bride and Groom Wedding Doves. With a little dab of hot glue on the backs of each, they sat astride my letters no problem and looked adorable! Plus, the bird’s were a perfect match for the wishing well table they sat upon, with our great Modern Decorative Birds in Flight Birdcage!

{ Along with our Birdcage + twine letters this scene also includes our: Aqueous Memory Box Wishing Well Cards in Watermelon // Blown Glass Globes and Blown Glass Tear Drop Vases with Feathers & Diamond Confetti // Blown Glass Mini Tealight Luminaries // Wooden Blackboard with Clip }

I love how these initials look with the wishing well, but they would be perfect for a guest book table too! And, they would make amazing props for some couples shots! Along with the initials, you guys already know I did the “LOVE” letters, and this is how they turned out:

{Shown with one of our Vintage Inspired Multi-Purpose Wooden Sign Boards and Chalkboard Arrows}

They also do make a lovely banner that’s simple to do! Just loop pieces of twine on the back of each letter, secure with hot glue and let dry. Then string a piece through, knotting after every loop to keep your heavy letters in place and here you have it:

{Shown again with another one of my favorite products, our Vintage Inspired Multi-Purpose Wooden Sign Boards}

I hope this has inspired you all to create your own twine wrapped masterpieces! Use your own imagination and make lovely additions to your wedding decor in a matter of hours. How about doing your new last name to hang above your head table or cake stand, or do a banner to hold between you and your new partner! Whatever your desire, let your creative hands lead the way and see how awesome a designer you really are! Happy wrapping and happy weddings everyone, see you all Friday!

3 thoughts on “Get the Look: Whimsical D.I.Y Twine Wrapped Letters

  1. I absolutely love DIY projects and I used a lot in my wedding as well. I made my own invitations and sealed them with silver wax hearts. I also spelled out our initials together and put it by the sign in and made a tree that people could put their finger prints on. Everyone really seemed to enjoy it and it was fun to see everyone’s fingers make a tree that we now get to have in our home forever 😀

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