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If you have seen the phrase ‘OOT bags’ floating around in the wedding world, it stands for ‘out of town’ – and refers to bags or baskets that are arranged for guests who are traveling to the wedding location.

Out of Town Bags or Welcome Bags are a personal gesture to help your guests feel more comfortable and appreciated. There are many different varieties of welcome bags as there are no real limitations on how they can be put together.

To give you an idea of some possibilities and get you started, I have put together a list of common items that are included in many welcome bags.

Many welcome bags include treats, various travel necessities and items to help combat the weather.

Food and Drink

Bottle of Water
Local Alcoholic Beverage
Treats from a local bakery

Hot Weather

Hand Fan
Sun Screen
Bug Spray
Flip Flops

Cold Weather

Small Mittens
Tea/Hot Chocolate/Coffee
Bath Salts

Travel Essentials

Band Aids/Mini First Aid Kit
Shoe Polish
Lip Balm
Deck of Cards
Mini Alarm Clock
Hand Sanitizer
Nail Files

I think some of the best things to include in welcome bags are items like maps and information on local events and attractions that your guests might be interested in checking out and perhaps the address of your favorite local restaurant. Not only does it make the bag seem more personal but it also helps your guests find something enjoyable to do in their extra time. If budget is a concern, these are things that can be supplied to guests at little to no cost.

Do try to make the packages either gender neutral or make two different ones for men and women – Depending on how many of them you are doing, you could even tailor them to the individual guests.

You can choose to use something like a basket for your welcome bags, however feel free to pack them in a container that guests will be able to use in the future and will be more inclined to take home with them. For example you could use a purse for ladies, a gym bag for the men or a tote bag for either!

Alternatively you could also choose something that fits in with the theme of your wedding – like a beach bucket with scoop for a beach wedding…

Finish off the bag with a handwritten note for a nice added touch!

Of course these are only a fraction of the ideas that are possible for welcome bags – if you have other ideas we would love to hear about them! Like any of the ideas that we present, a welcome bag is simply an option – whether or not a couple chooses to give them out usually depends on their budget.

Thanks for reading!

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