Choosing Your Wishing Well

Gone are the days when wishing wells were nothing more than a box with a card-sized slit in the top! Whether you have specifically requested that guests donate money or you would simply like a location for cards; a wishing well will perform the service in style.

The challenge then becomes finding, or making one, that suits your theme and budget!


“The Birdcage Wishing Well”


An extremely popular option, the birdcage has become something of a wishing well sensation. They immediately lend the wedding an elegant feel and can easily be decorated to match the wedding colors and theme. These birdcage wishing wells are just a few examples of the many decorative possibilities. In many cases, the bottoms of the birdcages are filled with a ‘nest like’ material which increases their charm exponentially. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

If you are worried about the cards slipping out through the gaps, you can easily weave in material or tulle in your wedding colors to create a more solid barrier along the bottom of the birdcage.

Now, you don’t need an actual birdcage for a wishing well, the decorative variety is less expensive and many of them have been customized specifically for the purpose of using them as wishing wells. We have two varieties that we offer; the white birdcage with birds in flight and the classic round black birdcage — both of which can be personalized.

“Crystal Clear Wishing Well”


If you are looking for a wishing well that will blend easily with any decor with minimal effort – a transparent box is an ideal solution. You don’t need to worry about matching colors because there simply aren’t any!

The example shown above is our ‘Circle of Love’ acrylic wishing well.

“Mailbox Wedding Wishing Well”


Using a mailbox as a wishing well is an up-and-coming idea at wedding receptions. Its use is immediately apparent to your guests and of course there is always the option to then use the mailbox wherever you are living after the wedding. Every time you walk past it you will be reminded of the day that you began your lives together!

You could go for a simple box or have something custom designed just for you. Metal, wood, plastic; the options are endless! Shown above is our ‘Special Delivery’ letter box.

“Not Just a Box – Wishing Well”


Depending on the theme of your wedding, there are any number of boxes that you can transform into a wishing well. It could be anything from a cigar box to an old wooden chest — or of course our Mini Suitcase Wishing Well. 😉

With any wishing well; whether you have a sign indicating what it is or not, it is always a good idea to place a card inside before your guests arrive. This will reassure them that they are dropping their cards off in the right location! This is particularly important for any wishing wells that might not be immediately recognizable as such!

You can also choose to supply wishing well stationery — this will allow any guests who have not brought a card to leave you their thoughts and wishes.

I hope you enjoyed these ideas, see you on Monday for another Real Wedding Feature!





Birdcage wishing wells:
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Not Just a Box Wishing Wells:
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Crystal Clear Wishing Wells:

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