Wedding Themes from Around the World

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As you begin to figure out what you want your wedding to be like, consider these inspirational wedding traditions and themes from across the globe. There sure are some amazing colors, patterns and rituals out there that just may help you put the finishing touches on your dream wedding.

While researching this topic, my eye continuously wandered over to three worldly influences: Indian, Celtic and Asian. They are colorful, unique and packed full of longstanding cultural tradition.

So, here’s the color palette:

cultural, asian, celtic, indian, wedding, colors

By no means do you have to incorporate all five colors into your wedding theme, but just take a look at what happens when you do…

Indian Inspiration


From the Henna art and bracelets to the intricately designed saris, Indian weddings are so colorful and absolutely breathtaking! There are so many deep-rooted rituals and ceremonies that go along with these impressive celebrations, and they can even go on for days.

One ritual that really caught my attention is the Bangle Ceremony where the bride’s female friends and family members place colorful bangles on her wrists.

Traditionally, Indian brides wear red or pink saris and adorn themselves head to toe with extravagant jewelry.

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Celtic Charm

Ireland, Irish

I absolutely love Celtic art, especially the traditional Claddaugh which depicts two hands clasping a crown-wearing heart. The Claddaugh is said to represent love, friendship and loyalty.

Traditionally, Claddaugh rings are given as a token of love and are a popular choice for wedding rings in Ireland. So beautiful!

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Asian Allure

China, Chinese, Japan, Japanese, Asia

Asian brides are known worldwide for their lavish embroidered silk kimonos and multiple wedding day dress changes. Their weddings are huge culturally celebrated productions packed with ceremonies and rituals.

The colors red, white and gold (or yellow) play huge roles in Asian weddings. Red is believed to be a color of good luck, love and vitality, and it’s typically the color of the bride’s ceremonial kimono. Her kimono is also decorated with golden embroidered embellishments of phoenixes, peonies and chrysanthemums, symbols of good fortune and wealth.

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Happy weddings!

Additional photos included in this post are courtesy of:Thai Pham, Yi Chen, kanegen, Athena’s Pix, Greg Neate, Matt Murphy, madaboutasia, Poi Photography and Vicknes Waran.

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