Planning Perfection: 10 Things to Ask Your Florist

A very happy Wedding Wednesday everyone! Today I’m thrilled to introduce the first post in our new section of wedding planning perfection! What I’ve got in store for you today is the 10 most crucial questions to ask your florist to make sure you get exactly what you need to make your wedding dreams a reality. From your bouquet to your table arrangements, I’ve researched far and wide to bring you this summary of the best questions to ask to ensure your florist will be able to meet your needs and you’ll experience the littlest amount of stress possible! After all, you want to make sure you have all the facts before you sign any of your wedding contracts (and I’ve found that there’s a surprising amount of information you need to decide on your perfect florist). So get ready to learn and at the end, I promise you’ll be a flower aficionado ready to pick your best match – in a florist that is! Enjoy!

1.   Is the day of my wedding free? This is the biggest question to ask – after all, it’s no use to grill a florist only to find out the day you need them is already booked solid. This is also a great time to ask about how many weddings they have that week to ensure they won’t be spread too thin on your big day!

2.   How long have you been working in weddings, and do you have some references for me to contact? This might seem a little pushy, but it’s super important. A good florist should have some recent brides for you to contact and have lots of photos for you to see their amazing arrangements!

3.   Can you meet my wedding needs? This is the point where you’ll want to discuss how many arrangements you want, what kind of blooms you can see, the styles, ect.. This is where all the details come in, because you want to make sure the florist you choose can truly make your vision come to life.

{ Photo via Beryl’s Bloomers }

4.   What would a ballpark price be for my wedding and how do you charge? Of course this one might be a bit of an estimate until your florist gets all the details together but they should be able to give you an estimate of the cost. Also, it’s important to find out at this stage if they charge a flat rate, charge per piece, ect.. Also ask about any hidden fees that they might forget to mention – like the cost of delivery!

5.   Have you worked at my venue before? It’s usually important to have your wedding venue decided upon before you go to your florist. This way, you can ask if they’ve ever worked there. See, a lot of venues have special rules for insurance with vendors and it’s always a plus when your vendor knows the location for ease of drop off, pick up and the like! This is also a great time to see if your florist will set-up your arrangements or if you’ll need to hire/delegate that duty to someone else.

6.    What kind of insurance do you have? This question ties in with #5, but is a crucial factor in picking the best florist. As I just mentioned, a vast amount of venues have strict guidelines on the insurance your vendors must have to work at your chosen location so assessing this is key. You should ask your venue then what kind of insurance is required and then double check these guidelines with your florist.

{ Photo via Beryl’s Bloomers }

7.   What kind of a deposit will you require and when will my remaining balance be due? Money can be a tough subject to breech but it’s a biggie. Make sure you get an estimate, talk about what’s feasible on your budget and what kind of a deposit your florist will need. Also, many florists do NOT wait till the day of your wedding for payment, most often it’s around 2 weeks before your big day that they’ll want your balance all paid so make sure you talk in detail about cold, hard cash!

8.   What kind of contracts do you have and can I see a sample one? This may seem silly as you’ve already asked so many questions, but with a firm picture of what your florist is like, it’s time to ask about contracts. Look over a contract to make sure all the t’s are crossed and the i’s dotted in terms of fee’s, set-up, ect…

9.   Will you be using any photos of my wedding bouquets, arrangements and other floral elements in your advertising? This is key as you want to make sure you know what you’re signing up for. As you may have seen in the contract, some florists have a clause that your wedding is fair game for any ads they wish to produce – and that may or may not jive with you so make sure you ask about it!

10.   What is your cancellation policy? It’s a tough question to ask, but it’s always a good idea to know what any of your vendors policies are should you need to cancel. Asking about it can be daunting, but I promise it’s not as bad as finding out you have to pay thousands of dollars for flowers you’re no longer in need of!

{ Photo via Beryl’s Bloomers }

Final Tips: When you’re finally ready to move forward with your chosen florist, the following are all great ideas to help ease the process of making your wedding dreams come into reality.

  • Take in photos of arrangements and bouquets you love to show what you have in mind – visual aids are a great tool, just make sure you limit them to the necessities so your dreams don’t get lost in the shuffle!
  • Pick your color scheme before hand so you florist knows exactly what colors you need. Bringing swatches is highly recommended.
  • Finally, compile a list of your all time favorite flowers and get your florist to talk you through which blooms would be best for the season/price/availability.

And, now your all set to have an amazing wedding! I hope this helps you narrow down the field of qualified florists so your wedding comes together with the magic and beauty you always dreamed it would! Have a wonderful day everyone, see you all Friday with a brand new post all about engagement photos! Until then, Happy Weddings!

A huge thank you to the wonderful staff at Beryl’s Bloomers for letting us come in and snap all the amazing photos in this post! We couldn’t have asked for nicer people or more beautiful blooms!

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