Fashion Friday: Wow at Your Wedding with Nutrition from Koya Webb

It’s Friday! And today, I have the pleasure of sharing some amazing tips from world renowned fitness coach, Koya Webb! With years of experience as a fitness model and motivational coach, she has the answers we’ve all been looking for to make sure we really wow on our wedding days! Best of all, her advice is totally manageable – you won’t need to go buy crazy foods you’ve never heard of or starve yourself. So get ready to be truly inspired and look fabulous! Enjoy!

Hey guys – it’s Koya here! And today I’m going to let you in on some simple (promise!) nutrition secrets that will ensure you look amazing on your wedding day! Broken down for you in simple segments that make sure you’re on track, I know you’ll see the results you’ve always dreamed of. So, what are we waiting for – let’s get started!

It’s one month until your wedding day and you’re nowhere near where you thought you would be. Don’t panic. No one ever is. Here are a couple of tips to make sure you look and feel your best on your big day.

1 month out: Hydrate! Make sure you get enough water in your system to eliminate toxins and give you clear blemish free skin. Only drink natural organic juice and totally ditch the sodas, coffee, and anything that has artificial sugars. Water, tea, fresh juices, and coconut water that’s it!

2 weeks out: Watch your salt intake. You want to look lean and lovely no matter what size you are. Too much salt from packaged foods and preservatives will have you looking bloated with bags under your eyes. You want fresh meals only during this time. Smoothies in the morning, salads for lunch and lots of veggies for dinner is what you’re going for. Sea salt is okay until the last 3 days before your wedding. This also a great time to do a 10 day detox.

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1 week out: If you haven’t already, cut out ALL the junk! No chips, salsa, and weird condiments. When you get the munchies grab a piece of fruit like an apple, orange or banana. High sodium sauces and dips will only bloat you and make you hold water. Drink 2 cups of Dandelion root tea a day to help you eliminate excess water.

3 days out: You’re ready to shine! Cut out all salt completely. Keep snacks and meals as simple as possible. No big meals if you want to keep your tummy tight. Keep water at your bedside and drink a quart when you wake and before you go to bed (yes you might wake up and pee but it’s worth it!) The day of the wedding you will sip on a quart of water until after you walk down the aisle.

Wedding Day: It’s your time! It’s completely fine to do juices and smoothies until after you walk down the isle. This will keep your waistline slim and as long as you’re getting enough calories you will have amazing energy. Be sure to practice a day of juicing and smoothies before the big day and then eat your heart out but continue to have small portion and start back drinking lots of water so you have a vibrant honeymoon.

Koya is know as a “transformational specialist” when it comes to helping people reach their goals. Her life changing 3-10 day mind and body detox retreats, inspiring fitness and nutrition plans, and book “Koya’s Kuisine: Foods You Love That Love You Back!” help people make positive lifestyle changes that maximize their ability to cultivate self love, lose weight, increase energy, reverse life-threating conditions and experience optimal health through a holistic and active lifestyle.

Koya is a highly regarded expert source and editorial contributor with the national media online and with appearances on NBC, CBS, and the Steve Harvey Show. Her holistic health, detox and lifestyle tips have been featured in Essence, Oxygen, Vegan Health and Fitness, Max Sport and Fitness, and Muscle and Performance among others.

Koya’s mission is to spread love conscienousness mentally, spiritual, and physically worldwide.


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