Wedding Man Cave – Brilliant or Ludicrous?

One of the predicted wedding trends for 2011 is the emergence of a ‘Man Cave’ at weddings. Somewhere for the Groom and his friends to hide out with their favorite drinks and escape from it all. The idea is that the area would be designed to complement the taste of the men rather than girly and feminine like weddings are often perceived.

Do you think this is a great way for Grooms to have their own ‘special part’ of the big day? After all it is no secret that the planning is usually Bride dominated. Perhaps it is only fair for the Groom to have a part of the wedding that is distinctly his.

Or do you hear about this and begin to wonder if people are forgetting what the big day is supposed to be about? After all, it is a celebration of the ‘two’ of them beginning a life together. It seems to counter the whole intent behind the day by creating a separation between the Bride and Groom. Of all the days you have together in life, the wedding should be the one where you stay side by side. It’s not as if they are stuck together for a month, it’s one day where they are celebrating their new life together.  What does it imply if you are celebrating separately?

If you are worried about the wedding being too feminine, then why not involve the Groom in the planning? Tone back the pastels and lace and make sure that his personality shines through in the whole wedding. Incorporate aspects that are important to both of you.

I always thought that weddings were about being in love with each other – not about spending some quality time with your friends.

What do you think? Am I taking this too harshly, should I be criticized as being far too old fashioned? Or is there some truth in what I’m saying? You decide – and don’t be afraid to tell me exactly what’s on your mind!

Photos courtesy of Inchka, Jason Rojas, jenschapter3, s.carlson and The Welsh Poppy.

One thought on “Wedding Man Cave – Brilliant or Ludicrous?

  1. Hi! Here in Argentina weddings (the party) are soooo loooong that I think the Man Cave or a VIP Room for him and his friends is not a bad idea at all. They can go there and “escape” from the party. They can take the photographer with them and make really good pictures with the cigars, drinks, etc. and because the bride knows of the room she can “assault” it with her closest friends after let´s say one hour of them being in there. The photographer will have a blast! However, I don´t suggested it for very small celebrations or short parties.

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