Tips from the Pros: Bespoke Style with My Eden

Today I am pleased to present an interview from the creative genius behind My Eden: Bespoke Wedding Dresses, Catharina Eden. As a designer and manufacturer of custom wedding dresses, you won’t want to miss her tips on finding the right gown (and designer!) for you. Enjoy!

{ The Dreamer Dress }

Q: The first question everyone has on their mind is where did you learn how to create such stunning creations?

A: I had started out in my fashion career as a designer of evening wear, creating designs that were mass produced once I crafted the original. I enjoyed it, but wedding wear became a huge inspiration for me after I got engaged. My hunt for a wedding dress was a real eye opener! Dresses that I loved were high end and far outside of my price range. While those I could afford… let’s just say they were not the kind of dresses I had dreamed of! I decided I would make my own wedding dress, and on my honeymoon I confessed that I was changing direction to start creating bespoke dresses for brides of all shapes, sizes and budgets!

Q: Bespoke is a term that sums up your business, but for those of us that aren’t familiar with it, what does bespoke mean?

A: Bespoke really means customized or even one of a kind. When I was looking at wedding dresses, there was no personality in them. They were all made just alike with no way for brides to be able to showcase their own unique personalities. Bespoke is way to do this. Instead of being mass produced, I make gowns that are just for the bride, with her personality sewn right into the fabric!

Q: Creating such personal dresses must be exciting but also challenging. What are some of your muses?

A: When a bride walks into my shop, I use everything about her to get inspired for what I’m going to create for her. I also find a lot of inspiration in nature. The shapes and softness of flowers, and the colors of the natural world have always played a large part in my designs. I also love the Art Deco revival that is coming en vogue now.

{ The Aphrodite Dress }

Q: As a designer what fabrics or accessories do you love to work with that brides might want to consider when going for a custom dress?

A: I love all sorts of fabrics, but they have to be natural. I hate working with anything synthetic – it’s so much nicer for brides to have a soft natural fabric against their skin than an itchy synthetic one. I also love doing beaded motifs. I think brides sometimes don’t think they can afford them but the great thing about a beaded motif is that it doesn’t have to cover the whole dress (unless you want it to!). I can use a motif to adorn a small part or parts of a dress to really give that that special touch. I love that!

Q: What are your best pieces of advice for brides that might be thinking about getting a custom wedding dress made?

A: My number one piece of advice is to always make sure you feel comfortable in your dress. Don’t go for something outrageous just because you’ve seen it on television or want to wow your guests. Everyone will be blown away with how you look and if you get a dress your not 100% comfortable in, it could make for a wedding disaster! Besides that, bring pictures with you to meet your designer. It will help both of you to get on the same page and that’s how a gorgeous gown gets created.

{ The Fantasy Dress }

Q: Having a form flatter gown is the key to feeling comfortable and looking great, so is there a certain type or fit of dress that works best for most shapes and sizes?

A: Our Fantasy dress (featured above!) is great for a lot of shapes because of the way it flows. It hides a tummy with the elevated waistline and the mesh shoulder helps a bride with big hips as it works to balance the top and bottom out. Plus, it has just the right amount of skin showing at the neckline. At the end of the day, I think most women know what dress style works best on them, but something along the lines of the Fantasy dress really does flatter a variety of shapes.

Q: It’s still early in the year, but what are the top wedding trends you’re seeing or predicting for 2013?

A: Lace is huge. After the royal wedding, everyone wanted a beautiful dress just like Kate Middleton. From a complete lace gown to bits and pieces, I’ve seen lace make a huge return to wedding apparel. The other trend I’ve been seeing is a softer look for wedding dresses. Gone is the boning of tight dresses and in its’ place are gorgeously draped layers of soft fabric making more fluid designs.

{ The Wish Dress }

Company Bio: My Eden is in the business of creating perfect and personal wedding dresses. Customized just for the you, theirĀ  transformable wedding dresses are produced to your specifications.

Based out of the United Kingdom, My Eden creates all their beautiful creations in their own London atelier using only the finest silks and eco-cotton. Their fully customized and bespoke approach will let you become a key part of the design team and create a dress that is unique, exciting and totally unforgettable. Even if you don’t live in the U.K., My Eden now offers online orders so no matter where you happen to call home, you’re never too far away for a custom wedding dress!

With their bespoke creations taking up most of their time, My Eden still has big plans for the future. With the recent launch of their new designs, My Eden has branched into making wonderful fashions for the Mother of the Bride (M.O.B.) as well. Also on their horizon is a small selection of dresses that will be designed to be carried in boutiques across Europe, starting with Finland.

A big thank you to My Eden (Catharina & Jessica), for this post. All photos are courtesy of My Eden, featuring their wondrous designs andĀ  photographed by James Nader.

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