Wedding Desserts

We’ve talked about the wonderful merits of cupcakes and advantages of candy buffets and coffee bars, but what about plain ol’ desserts? Wait, who am I kidding? There’s nothing plain about dessert! Whatever form it takes, dessert has the potential to be the most luscious food you have ever set your eyes on.

Chic Dessert Table by Shauna Younge Dessert Tables

Why not take advantage of its natural characteristics and put it on display for your guests to see? It can be difficult to put together a classy looking buffet, but a classy dessert table? No problem!

A dessert table can be a wedding cake alternative, or it can accompany the cake. It can be included in the table where the cake sits, or set up on its own – there is a great deal of variation available.

Chic Dessert Table by Shauna Younge Dessert Tables

The very first thing I would suggest if you have contemplated having such a thing: Don’t offer just one dessert. The added options will be more likely to satisfy your guests and it is the variety of colors, shapes and sizes of dessert that will really help your display stand out.

Alice in Wonderland Dessert Table

Having the desserts available in `ready to pick`portions is good for several reasons – it allows you to better choose how much you will need to satisfy your guests and it will also prevent loitering at the table. Once a guest has made their selection they will simply need to pick it up and move on, if they are required to serve themselves it will be a much longer process.

Salted Caramel Macarons

Incorporating some personalization into the display is always a good idea, whether it be by adding your initials to some cookies or including decorative stationery.

If some of the desserts you are planning to offer are not immediately distinguishable – I would absolutely recommend using some form of signage to indicate what is available. Depending on your style you could use things like place cards, a miniature blackboard or even frames and signs to inform your guests. You can also use such signage to warn your guests of any potential allergens in the desserts.

Macarons at Bottega Louie

Colored macaroons are one of the most popular wedding dessert items at the moment. Due to the fact that they can be easily arranged and ordered in any color of the rainbow, they make for a wonderful addition.

A great way to make the dessert table yours is to choose desserts that have some meaning to you as a couple. Whether it is a selection of your favorite treats, or desserts you ate on special occasions. If you choose to go that route, including the story behind the choices would be a sweet surprise for your guests!

(Sorry, the pun was unavoidable!)

I hope you enjoyed today`s post, and if you read it on an empty stomach I do apologize – I`m positively famished after looking at those delectable desserts!

Thanks for reading and I`ll see you Wednesday.

The amazing desert table photos are courtesy of Shauna Younge Dessert Tables, and the colorful macaroons are via jchong.

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