Vintage Valentines Wedding

vintage valentine girl raincoatWith Valentines coming up so soon I have decided that all the posts this week are going to have at least a little something to do with the holiday.

A holiday that of course results in more engagements than any other day of the year!

While trying to think of a new way to approach the subject, an idea for a Valentines wedding theme just popped into my head. With vintage decor so popular, and for good reason, it made perfect sense to me to incorporate it into a Valentines wedding.

Vintage Valentines cards are charming, unique and a perfect representation of a time gone past.

With the focus on adorable sketches and cute puns from the 40’s and 50’s, they easily pave the way for the creation of an entire theme.

vintage valentine vinyl record
The focus could be on one particular Valentine or a collection of them. This Valentine for example would be ideal for a couple with a love of music. Its style would be an incredible prop to a vintage wedding that focuses on vinyl records, musical notes and phonographs.

If it wasn’t a specific Valentine that you wanted to focus on, then perhaps each table could be decorated in keeping with the Valentine it focused on. Guests could be seated based on the Valentine theme as opposed to a simple table number.

vintage valentine "Bee"

Of course the adorable puns on most vintage Valentines are guaranteed to summon a smile to anyone who reads them, and luckily you can find them on nearly any topic or in regards to most professions.

Do you think I’m just trying to conjure ideas out of an old hat, or is this an idea that you could genuinely see being pulled off at a wedding?

Images courtesy of karen horton.

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