Oh Sweet Valentine

It seems natural to include things like hearts and the color red in anything involved with Valentine’s Day, however there is another detail that I love even more!


Sweet, delicious, colorful candy.

Around Valentine’s Day there is candy everywhere. Chocolate, conversation hearts, cinnamon hearts – it’s a candy lovers paradise, second only to the sugar overdose of Halloween!

Candy buffets look great in a wedding and can double as a favor display if containers are available for guests to take candy home with them.

Day 45/366.....Happy Valentine's Day!

There are many kinds of candies that are intended to be romantic or charming, you don’t even need to change them!

Happy Valentine's Day

There is no set way to create a candy buffet, but a little advice never hurts!

Our Style:

The mixture of covered and open dishes helps to prevent the candy buffet from feeling too uniform. The general consensus when it comes to candy buffet design is that a variety of container styles in multiple sizes is the most aesthetically pleasing.  Here we used the love plates in the foreground, they are nice and low so the guests don’t have to reach around them. Layering the candy bar by incorporating stands ensures that there is easy access to all the different containers. The taller round vases are kept in the back so they don’t obscure any of the other candies. There are many different wedding decor options that can be incorporated into a candy buffet!

It is a good idea to label the candies so your guests know exactly what they are looking at. You can also use labels like these miniature blackboards to inform your guests of any possible allergy concerns. To personalize this display we have used the Old Time Candy Stationery Collection, though the options and styles of personalization are practically endless!

Additionally, prepackaged candies have been included to make it easy for the guests to take some home with them. For variety we used our organza bags, round tins, heart tins and cellophane bags. On the side we have added popcorn in our popcorn cartons, this savory treat is a nice counterpart to all the sugar and will be well received by any guests that don’t have a sweet tooth!

Valentines Tip:

If you are planning a Valentine themed wedding that is more than a year away, then don’t forget to look for decor ideas as soon as Valentine’s Day is over. There are a plethora of products that will be on extreme discount after the day, if you have room to store them, they might just save you a decent amount of money.

Photos courtesy of Shandro Photo, Denise Cross and C.P.Storm.

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