Unique Ideas for Asking Your Wedding Party “Will You Be My…”

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The holidays are a magical time of year – not only is the yuletide spirit giving us warm fuzzies but love seems to be in the very air. Because of that, it’s the perfect time of year for engagements and we see a ton of them! Not only is Christmas Day a perfect opportunity, but a few days later, it’s New Year’s! With some of the biggest holidays jammed into a little more than a week, it’s no wonder that everyone’s got love on their minds. But, what about when the question gets answered and now it’s time to plan? One of the first things we all look forward to is asking those nearest and dearest to us to be a part of our bridal party. So today, I’m sharing a few of my favorite ways to pop the question to your best ladies to ensure an “I Will” in return. Enjoy and have a great weekend everyone!

{ Tea Rose Personalized Handkerchief }

My first pick is a classic design that still holds a major wow factor – a personalized handkerchief. Make one for each of your special ladies and give them to each in turn. Whether wrapped inside a little box or simple laid out on the table you’re sharing for a coffee date, these beauties ask the question with elegance and make for an amazing keepsake!

{ Mustache Stainless Steel Flask }

Next on my list is one of our brand new products – this quirky little mustache print flask! So much fun, your ‘maids will love getting this flask as you proclaim ” I Mustache You A Question!” Plus, I’ve designed a little printable card that you can use to pop the question! Just save the graphic below to your computer, print it off (it’s the perfect size to attach to the flask!) and write your question on the back!

{ Personalized Tote BagsAqueous Design Shown }

Another idea I love for making your bridal party feel special is to gather some goodies for the occasion and place them inside one of our great personalized tote bags. Then, you can pop the question and settle in for a celebration with all the needed supplies! Best of all, your most important ladies can keep the tote and forever be reminded of your big day!

{ Wedding T-Shirt TransfersBridesmaid and Flower Girl Shown }

Add a little touch of DIY flair to your bridal party gifts when you make a special t-shirt to announce the big question! Then roll the shirt up, wrap it nicely and see your girls faces light up when they pull out their brand new shirts and realize what you’re asking!

And don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about the fellas! We have tons of great customizable items that are perfect for asking all your best buds to be a part of your big day! Check em out here! Happy Weddings!

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