Wedding Traditions Explained: The Flower Girl


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Happy Friday everyone! What a busy week it’s been – with the festive season coming ever closer I’m sure you’re all feeling the holiday rush just as much as we are. With all the hustle and bustle of December, it can be hard to take time for a break. That’s why today I wanted to share another quick piece on explaining the traditions of the modern day wedding. And, I’ve saved the cutest for this busy Friday because today I’m sharing the origin of the flower girl.  Enjoy and have a great weekend!


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Today the flower girl, or even flower girls if your so inclined, are a precious addition to any wedding party. So adorable in their gowns as they walk down the aisle, the question becomes how did these cuties become such an entrenched wedding tradition? And, while I would be temped to say that it’s because we all can’t wait to pick out their sweet little dresses and accessories, the flower girls origin can actually be traced back through the centuries!


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The meanings and duties of the flower girl have really remained fairly stable throughout the passing ages and even into modern times — a great feat considering how much many of our other wedding traditions have changed! Always a  representation of the beauty and joy of youth, the flower girl is a beacon of whimsy. The petals she scatters are viewed as a symbol of fertility, giving the couple luck. In the past herbs were scattered as a way to ward off evil (our ancestors sure were worried about the evil spirits at a wedding!) but the main idea of the transformation of the bride from childhood, as represented by the flower girl, was and still is a major focus. And, while we might not have as much of a symbolic take on today’s flower girls I agree with many that the ancient metaphors are still holding strong —  plus did I mention how darling they are?!?


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Now that you know the history of these little cuties, its’ time to start thinking about their accessories! Some of our favorites are:


{ Scattered Pearls & Crystals Flower Girl Basket // Love Letter Printed Silk Flower Petals “Mr. & Mrs.” }

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