Tips from the Pros: 5 Real Tips to Look the Best On Your Wedding Day with Tommy Europe

Today we have another amazing blog post from the one and only Tommy Europe! As a fitness guru, he’s here today to share his 5 real life secrets to make you look like a bombshell on your wedding day. No fad diets, no insane workouts – just the facts that everyone can put to work for themselves to be healthy and start looking fantastic! Be ready to get real and get healthy! Here’s Tommy!

Wedding season is in FULL gear…are you “aisle ready”? In a previous post I gave you 5 exercises to add to your routine to “tighten up the bottom line,” today I’m going to share my 5 “SHRED for success” Tips that you can incorporate immediately to get AMAZING results! And, your results start with one thing: a plan! And,  the plan is to turn your wedding planning stress into a supercharged energy booster, and use it to your advantage in your workouts. Not only will it decrease your stress levels, it will refresh your mind, body and soul. Best of all, it will make you look good and feel great on your wedding day. With that in mind, your plan also needs to incorporate these 5 Important Elements – the heart of my SHRED training philosophy.

Strength is measured in many ways; however, all that is lasting is built on a strong foundation.

Resistance Training is mandatory to get you lean and strong. Your goal should be to perform 2-3 Resistance Training sessions per week. Your ideal workout time will be between 30 to 60 minutes. If getting toned and lean is your goal, then I suggest incorporating body weight exercises into your routine. Body weight workouts are gaining popularity, because they tend to add lean muscle without adding extra bulk. Below are a few examples of functional body weight exercises. I’ve included Lunges, Hip Raise, and Core Ab Poppers. You should aim to complete 2-3 sets of 15-20 repetitions. You’ll love as it’s a complete body weight online training program that you can do anytime, anywhere…and it also includes a nutrition plan.

Heart is at the center of the SHRED philosophy. It will take you from trying something, to doing it, and on to conquering it.

Cardiovascular Activity works hand in hand with Resistance Training. Your goal should be to perform 2-3 cardio sessions per week. You can even double up and do your cardio workout before, or after your resistance training workout. There are lots of type of cardio activity, including steady state (performing an exercise at the same speed for a determined period of time, such as jogging), and interval training which I LOVE, because it adds additional intensity to your cardio workout.

Interval training is also one of the hardest forms of cardio training, but it will get you amazing RESULTS. You can apply intervals to just about any cardio activity that you like (i.e., running, jogging, swimming, riding, rowing…you get the picture). And an interval basically means: a burst of intensity, followed by a rest or recovery period. So let’s use running as an example. Using 30-second intervals, and a 1:1 ratio, we would run for 30-seconds, and follow that by walking/jogging for 30-seconds, that would be 1 interval. You would then run again followed by the walk, until you reached your desired number of intervals (shoot for 7-10 intervals). Judge your intensity level by a using a scale of 1-10, with 1 representing-sitting on the couch and 10-you feel like you need CPR. On your burst, your intensity level should be about 7-8 out of 10, on your rest/recovery; your intensity level should be about 4-5.

It doesn’t matter what form of cardio you choose, just make sure that you are making the most out of your time. Always remember the golden rule “Training time doesn’t produce results, INTENSITY does”.

Resilience is necessary to succeed in every battle; it’s the YOU that you’ve falsely believed YOU are, versus the YOU that YOU will discover… YOUR champion self!

Let’s talk about Nutrition, because in many situations, it can make you or break you. If you want to make your physical training efforts count the most, then stick to a sound meal plan. Here’s how… Aim to eat 5-6 meals per day, with a calorie count in the range of 1,500-2,500 calorie per day (this will vary depending on your starting point). That’s right ladies; you have to EAT to gain weight, and EAT to lose weight. What you eat and the associated portions will make the difference in your “bottom line.” AVOID calorie restricting diets (-1,000) or no carb diets, as you’ll have no fuel to complete your workouts, plus you’ll be a very grumpy person. Starving yourself will also set you up for an INCREASE in weight gain, and minimize your desired results. If you need sound meal plans, then Maria Thomas R.D. has some great options that you can find here!

Efficient use of your time and energy will have you feeling energized, as you release endorphins (the feel good hormones) on the road to excellence.

I know that you, just like me are pressed for time, even more so when you are planning a wedding. Don’t waste your time by trying to fit in workouts that last for hours. You can get a quality workout done in less than 1 hour. If exercise hasn’t been a part of your daily routine for a long time, then you should really consider hiring a fitness professional. Having a qualified fitness professional help you out is the most EFFICIENT & EFFECTIVE way for you to reach your goals, and it will limit your chance of injury. Think of hiring somebody as an investment in yourself, that has a potentially large payout at the end. If you don’t have the budget for a personal trainer, you can either join a bootcamp, fitness class or opt for online personal training, which is growing in popularity due to the lower price point. I have a few complete options for you that you can find HERE.


Discipline is the supporting base for the SHRED philosophy; drive and determination are nothing without it.

I want you to be successful in reaching your goals, but here are the cold facts… 80% of people who begin an exercise program will quit within the first few weeks, primarily because they don’t have a written plan that will outline your wants, needs & calls to action. If you don’t have a written plan, do it now. Once your plan is in place, then it’s time to follow through and get to work either by yourself or with the help of a professional.

I can promise that you will be successful in reaching your wedding goal if you incorporate the following elements to your overall routine: Resistance Training, Cardiovascular Training, Nutrition, and Recovery. When I say recovery, I’m talking about flexibility, and rest (sleep/meditation).

When it comes to sticking to your program, there is no such thing as “TRY”, its either “DO” or “DON’T”! If you DO… you’ll be making an investment in a healthy lifestyle so that you and your partner can live a long, happy, healthy life that will be full of adventure, health, fitness & LOVE! Not only for your wedding day, but for many years beyond!

So those are my 5 tips to not only get you “aisle ready”, but also to lay a solid foundation to a healthy lifestyle for years to come, all you need to do is get started. Click the image below, for a FREE online full body video workout. Consider it your first workout of your “Look your BEST” plan. If you want to contact me for more information about programming, meal plans or online training, visit me at, your 1-stop fitness shop!

Have an AWESOME wedding day! And live happily & healthy ever after…


ALL ABOUT TOMMY: A published author of The 10-Pound SHRED, Master Trainer, and father of two – Tommy is well known for his in-your- face, no excuses training approach. His 24 years in the fitness industry, including 11 years as a professional football player have allowed him to understand and appreciate what it takes to be your BEST, which led him to develop his transformational SHRED training philosophy that is at the heart of all his programs.

SHRED = Strength, Heart, Resilience, Efficient, Discipline

As a Master trainer and Keynote speaker, Tommy travels around the world revealing how anyone, at any stage of fitness, can use the SHRED Philosophy as their formula for success. He demonstrates how easy it is to get started anytime, anywhere, and reminds us that it’s never too late to take care of our health and the health of our children.

Tommy recently launched his online fitness video program, 4 WEEKS TO A NEW YOU to help meet the needs of even the busiest travelers (and brides!). And now you can train with Tommy anywhere in the world by joining his VIP SHRED Community, and his full-service online training program

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