Tips from the Pros: Get Lean, Toned, and Sexy In Time for your Wedding with Tommy Europe

Brides-to-be, LISTEN UP!!

The most frequent question that I get from brides-to-be is “How do I get tighter, toned arms and a flat back?” Well, today, I’m going to give you some tricks of the trade to get you that “look” you desire on your wedding day. Do I have your attention now? To prepare you for the biggest day of your life, you will have to roll up your sleeves and get to work, so let’s do this!

Even though your upper body is what is on display as you walk down the aisle, to get the most out of your training session, I recommend that you do FULL-BODY WORKOUTS. The mistake many people make is thinking that by doing isolated exercises, they will reach their goal; this is especially true for brides-to-be who generally resort to doing crunches, dips, and the “starvation diet”, in attempt to spot reduce their trouble zones. We’ll have NONE of that here, so I’ve put together a simple action plan, along with a few tips to get you ready for your big day.

Generally speaking, to make a noticeable change in your physical appearance, it will require that you commit to being physically active for at least 4-days per week. This includes performing both resistance training, and cardiovascular exercises, and following a sound nutrition plan. For ultimate shaping and toning, your goal should be to complete 15-20 repetitions of each exercise; that means you’re actually close to fatigue by repetition 15, 16, 17… ouch, 18, buuurrrnnn 19, 20… so put the 2-pound dumbbells away and push yourself!

The thing that you must understand is that when you’re training, you’re going to have to go through some “uncomfortable moments” to force change. Just like your marriage, making the commitment and applying some effort will put you one step closer to your goal. And when it comes to pushing yourself, try my SHRED™300 – Workout of the Day, after reading this.

Another tip to put you on the path of “lean-dom” is to avoid using momentum when you’re training. For each exercise (especially core), I want you to slow down, and ALWAYS go through the FULL range of motion. This will add instant intensity to your workout, and your body will respond positively to the extra boost. Try this… Perform a dip on a bench for 15-20 Repetitions. I want you to make sure that your butt just grazes the bench, and that your elbows are at your side (pointing straight back). On the descent (or way down), drop slowly, allowing yourself 3-seconds to get to the bottom, pause, followed by 3-seconds to return to starting position. You should notice that by doing the repetitions slower, the exercise was harder to do, while increasing the focus on your core and triceps. Are you starting to get the picture?

My final tip for you is to incorporate a stability ball or Bosu ball in your workouts. This will help with overall toning, which is what we are after. Try this… I want you to get into a push-up position on a stability ball. Make sure that your hands are directly under your shoulders; with your weight pushing down on the ball (this will prevent the stability ball from moving). Just hold yourself in the “UP” position, and you’ll immediately feel your core, chest, back, and arms kick in. Because you are forced to balance on the ball, your stabilizers start to kick in, allowing for an increased focus in your arms and upper body without you even realizing it. You can get similar effects from being on a Bosu Ball. Now it’s time to put our plan in action, so put down the “tiara”, put on your training shoes, and get ready for my SHRED™300 – Workouts of the Day. After completing a 5-10 minute warm up, I want you to complete the following 5 Exercises:

1.   Burpee

2.   Stability Ball 1-Arm Row

3.   Dumbbell (DB) Squat Press

4.    Stability Ball Push-Ups

5.   Lat Pulldowns

I want you to complete 20-Repetitions of each exercise. These 5 exercises are to be done, back-to-back, until you are finished (challenge yourself). That would be 1-Setyou have 3-sets to complete, which will represent 300-Repetitions at the end of your workout. Take a 2-minute rest between sets.

This workout will take you about 30-minutes to complete, and you can add it to your training routine. Remember, you should be training at least 3-4 days per week for maximum results, and if you are new to training, then I HIGHLY recommend that you get some help. You can either join a bootcamp, or hire a “LIVE “or “ONLINE” trainer. I hope that you have an amazing wedding, and if you need help with any of your training & nutritional programming, make sure you visit me at You can also train online with me and take advantage of our 14-day FREE TRIAL

May the SHRED be with you!

ALL ABOUT TOMMY: A published author of The 10-Pound SHRED, Master Trainer, and father of two – Tommy is well known for his in-your- face, no excuses training approach. His 24 years in the fitness industry, including 11 years as a professional football player have allowed him to understand and appreciate what it takes to be your BEST, which led him to develop his transformational SHRED training philosophy that is at the heart of all his programs.

SHRED = Strength, Heart, Resilience, Efficient, Discipline

As a Master trainer and Keynote speaker, Tommy travels around the world revealing how anyone, at any stage of fitness, can use the SHRED Philosophy as their formula for success. He demonstrates how easy it is to get started anytime, anywhere, and reminds us that it’s never too late to take care of our health and the health of our children.

Tommy recently launched his online fitness video program, 4 WEEKS TO A NEW YOU to help meet the needs of even the busiest travelers (and brides!). And now you can train with Tommy anywhere in the world by joining his VIP SHRED Community, and his full-service online training program

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