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Today I am excited to bring you guys another pro tip! This time we get the low-down on the best honeymoon destinations for each month of the year from the experts at! For those of you who haven’t heard of Wanderable, they’re a free online honeymoon registry that helps couples fund their dream honeymoon (think snorkeling expeditions and hotel stays instead of the pots and pans in a traditional registry). Enjoy!

{ Los Cabos, Mexico – Best Traveled to in April! }

Weather can have a huge impact on any vacation, and since you only get one honeymoon, you want to plan around it carefully. While an occasional downpour may give the two of you an excuse to cuddle up in your bungalow, you don’t want to be trapped indoors for your entire stay and miss out on all the activities you’ve been dreaming up. To help you get started with your beach honeymoon destination planning, here are our picks for where to wander when.

{ Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica }

Costa Rica stays driest between December and April, so January is a great time to head to Central America and enjoy this lush, tropical rainforest covered country without too much rain.

Avoid: While the country’s “green season” from May to November is a beautiful time of year, it takes a lot of rainfall to get everything so green. Serious sun seekers should steer clear.

{ Negril, Jamaica }

While the climate can vary daily and regionally, Jamaica sees some of its best beach weather from January through March, so planning a February honeymoon will sneak you in to enjoy it before the spring break rush (you don’t want to be having a romantic dinner next to a bikini contest).

Avoid: May, October and November are the three rainiest months in Jamaica.

{ Grand Caymen, The Caymen Islands }

March is a beautiful time to honeymoon on the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean, with mostly dry weather and cooling trade winds to keep high temperatures at bay.

Avoid: The Islands see the most rainfall from June through November, although there are plenty of nice days throughout the period.

{ Los Cabos, Mexico }

This oasis on the Baja Peninsula offers great weather nearly year round with an average of 350 sunny days or more a year, but spring promises some of the best beach weather with less scalding daily highs.

Avoid: Honeymooners who don’t enjoy extreme heat should avoid visiting during the late summer months when the temperature can soar to over 100 degrees and rain is more common. September boasts a small risk for hurricanes.

{ Kauai, Hawaii }

While Kauai is a great destination year round, visiting in the spring means skipping the summer and winter high-seasons, and rates go down even though the island is seeing some of its best weather of the year. This means plenty of sunshine, less crowds and a more affordable upgrade. Honeymoon Suite?

Avoid: Kauai is a pretty safe bet throughout the seasons, but you are likely to see more rain between December and March.

{ Bali, Indonesia }

The white sanded beaches of Bali stay driest from May to September, so June is a great choice for a long-distance trip to this exotic honeymoon escape.

Avoid: Bali’s wettest season typically runs from October to April.

{ Santorini, Greece }

This sun soaked Greek island is warmed up and ready for beach-goers in July, making Santorini a great destination for Europe-bound summer honeymooners who don’t mind dealing with crowds.

Avoid: During the winter months of November through February, temperatures drop to the mid 50s taking sunbathing off the table.

{ Los Angeles, California }

With an average daily high of 84 degrees and lows in the mid 60s, August is a great time to enjoy Los Angeles’ beaches and squeeze in a side trip to Disneyland.

Avoid: During November through February you may be seeing more sweater weather than bikini weather, although the winter is still sprinkled with nice days.

{ Dubrovnik, Croatia }

September is a great time to visit Croatia’s beautiful beaches: peak-season has dwindled down and temperatures are still beach-worthy yet less blaring than in August.

Avoid: Cooler weather sets in from November through February, and your bikini is likely to remain in your suitcase.

{ Bora Bora, French Polynesia }

October marks the tail-end of high-season at this idyllic Polynesian island, and the crowds start to thin while the rainy season is still at bay.

Avoid: During the winter months of December through March, rainy season settles in and honeymooners will be easy targets for the swell in mosquitos common this time of year.

{ Maui, Hawaii }

November marks the beginning of winter which means there is a chance for a little more rain, but Maui is a great destination year round, and visiting before the holiday season can lead to a more relaxing and affordable honeymoon.

Avoid: Maui is a relatively safe bet throughout the seasons, but you are likely to experience more rain between December and March.

{ Koh Phi Phi, Thailand }

If you are honeymooning during the holidays, crowds and higher rates will likely be part of the experience, but on the bright side you will have more people around to wish you well!  The rainy season has all but come to a close in December, and it is a great time to fall in love with Thailand’s swoon-worthy Southern beaches.

Avoid: The rainy season runs from July to October, putting your beach time in peril.

A friendly disclaimer: these tips are carefully selected based on research, but opinions on the best months to visit locations vary source by source. Once you have a spot in mind do your own research to make sure it’s aligned with what you want from your honeymoon, and remember it never hurts to bring an umbrella, just in case!

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