Tips: Decorating Your Wedding Aisle

You’ve probably spent a lot of time envisioning your wedding reception décor, but have you given any thought to the ceremony?

All ceremony spaces can be jazzed up to better reflect your personalities and wedding style. So, whether you’re tying the knot in a church, hall or even at an outside venue, you should consider adding a few elements that will not only wow your guests but will add to the overall magic of that big moment.

From personalized aisle runners to unique floral décor ideas, you can make your ceremony aisle as special and as ‘you’ as you want.

Preserved Natural Rose Petals | Love Bird Damask Personalized Aisle Runner | Expressions Personalized Aisle Runner

The aisle is your domain; it’s where you will make your grand entrance and many of your family, friends and even your groom will be seeing you for the first time. Just think, you spent so much time finding the perfect dress, now why not amp it up a bit with the perfect aisle?

Scattering flower petals on the aisle runner is something that’s been done for years, and the idea is still as popular as ever! It’s pretty, it’s romantic, it’s versatile! Toss them randomly for a scattered, whimsical look or place them down in a particular design for a more demure style.

A new fad that’s really taken off in the last year or so is having an aisle runner personalized with your names and wedding date, monogram or special saying. Personalized aisle runners not only look great at the wedding ceremony, they also make a great keepsake. Keep as is or cut off the personalized portion, frame it and hang it on your wall at home.

Left: “Celebration Peonies” Tissue Flowers | Laser Expressions Stationery Caddy | Expressions Trifold Program | Celebration Bubbles Right: White Metal Cone | Moroccan Program

Deciding on aisle décor is not always an easy job because there’s definitely a fine line between spectacular and tacky when it comes to flowers, tulle and big bows tied to chairs or church pews.

Sometimes tissue flowers can look a little dated on their own, but pair them with handmade paper roses and classy ribbon and the look is transformed into modern and even a little vintage chic.

Stationery caddies are great because they fasten to the back of chairs with nothing more than a ribbon or thin piece of twine, and they hold onto the wedding programs when your guests aren’t reading them. A small cut-out heart at the bottom is perfect to add a decorative ribbon, sparkling crystal drop or even a bottle of bubbles.

The white decorative cones (shown right) have a pretty rose embossed pattern on them which really make them romantic and full of wedding style. Fill them with flowers for decorative allure or with rose petals to be tossed after the big “I do”.

Happy weddings!

Top photo courtesy of Tinou Bao.

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