The Wedding Rose Ceremony



A symbol of love and beauty, the rose is the ideal flower to incorporate into a wedding. With various colors having different meanings, from love and friendship to new beginnings and passion, they can tell a story unique to your wedding.

There are many different ways to hold a Rose Ceremony, the idea is to create your own based on the traditional guidelines rather than following our instructions to the letter.

There is no wrong way to complete a Rose Ceremony!


Rose Ceremony Basics

There are so many variations to the ceremony, I’m simply going to start by explaining the simplest variation to you.

In our traditional Rose ceremony, roses are handed out to the family members and close friends of the Bride and Groom.

During the wedding ceremony, the officiant will request that those with a rose come forward and place them together in a vase.

While they are doing so, the officiant will explain that these roses are symbols of the love that those in attendance wish to share with Bride and Groom.

Once all the roses have been placed in the vase, the officiant will then take two roses that had been set aside and give one each to the Bride and Groom.

Before all their family and friends the newlywed couple will give each other their first gift as husband and wife. A single red rose.

As the rose is the ultimate symbol of love, the first gift that is then given, is the gift of love.


Once the single roses have been exchanged, they are placed in the vase along with the other roses. A perfect bouquet filled with love.

Many couples will choose to give their roses to their parents rather than placing them in the vase. It is a wonderful way to say thank you for everything your parents have done, as well as including them in such an important day.

Other Variations

– Different colors of roses can be used for the Bride and Groom. For example the Bride and Groom can exchange red roses while their guests have white roses. This is a great way to be able to see which roses in the bouquet belonged to the couple!

– The Bride and Groom can collect the roses from their guests and place the completed bouquet in the vase themselves.

– A single white rose, which symbolizes remembrance, can be included in the bouquet and then placed into a separate memorial for a lost loved one.

– Another flower which carries meaning can always be incorporated into the ceremony as well!

Rose Ceremony Video

A little side note that you may not have been aware of: The 2011 Weddingstar magazine contains tags for videos including this one, all which can be accessed via smart phones!

Our version of the rose ceremony, the Red Rose Ceremony Set, can be found on the Weddingstar website.


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