Fashion Friday: The Tradition of the Garter Toss

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The garter toss – it’s a major wedding tradition and it’s one of our favorites – but just why do we do it? That’s what this Fashion Friday is all about! Do we toss the garter just for fun, or is there meaning. What about other cultures – do we all celebrate the garter toss the same way? Read on for the answer to these questions and many more!

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The origin of the garter toss is actually pretty wild – considering how modest we usually assume our ancestors were! Let me tell you, they weren’t that modest when it came to the garter toss! In olden times the garter was removed and shown as proof that the newlyweds had consummated their marriage! How’s that for a yikes – all your new relatives and your closest family huddled together in your bedroom!!! In fact, the reason why we toss it now is that the garter (actually any undergarments for that matter!) were considered good luck, so many a crazed relative would try and grab up whatever they could reach!!! I think that counts as a double yikes, and makes me happy we’ve moved the garter toss from the bedroom to the reception!

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As I just mentioned, this once wild tradition has become a bit more humble as it’s moved from the bedroom to the reception, but that doesn’t mean there’s not a bit of the old sassiness shining through in modern times! With some grooms opting to pull the garter off with their teeth, the garter toss is still sure to bring a blush to most brides faces! However, it’s all in good fun and good luck, as the man who catches the garter is said to be blessed with luck and an impending marriage as soon as the garter touches his hands! In fact, some cultures think the garter is so lucky that they need to compete for it! With everything from tackling to races, the scramble to catch the garter can be a spectacle all its’ own! That’s why we’ve created our garter sets to include a tossing garter and a fancier garter for you to cherish as a loving heirloom! After all, I think some of our designs are just too pretty to toss – don’t you??

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And now you know exactly where the tradition of the garter toss comes from! So now it’s your turn to decide – take it or toss it! Happy Friday everyone!

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