Sparkle – A Weddingstar Photoshoot

Everything begins in the same place, whether it is a revolutionary movement or a work of art – it begins with an idea. Your wedding style will emerge the same way, as do all of our photoshoots.

This shoot began with a glitter – a glisten. We took the idea of a ‘sparkle’ and built a table setting around it.

This post will walk you through one of our photoshoots – from conception to completion and everything in-between.

The two individuals that were instrumental in creating this shoot were; Luke, the media guy, and Tara, one of our graphic designers. Over the past few months they were both featured on the blog via Luke’s Introduction and Tara’s Reception Ideas.

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“Tea for Two” – Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Tea Setting
There is something about tea that implies contentment and relaxation. It’s not like coffee in the way that we drink it to survive the day – I find drinking tea is something that people do because they genuinely enjoy it. It’s relaxing or refreshing or just plain tasty.

It can be a social event, a time to sit down with the family or just take a moment for yourself. Of course there is also the fact that the act of steeping and drinking tea is deeply rooted in many cultures across the globe. Continue reading

Ashley and Phillip – DIY Damask

I bet you thought that because I promised love and sunshine all this week, you would be getting even more palm trees and sand today. Not so! This wedding falls into my chosen category beautifully, but it is a completely different style from the other two I featured this week.

This sunny wedding is bold and vibrant, and so full of DIY creativity it’ll make your jaw drop!

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Kristen and Casey – Starfish

I promised love and sunshine this week – so that is exactly what you are going to get! This beautiful beach wedding took place on Sanibel Island. It incorporates the beach element flawlessly into the wedding decorations for an event that is romantic, as well as very pleasing to the eye.

I especially love how they used shells to pour the sand during their sand ceremony. What a fabulous way to incorporate the theme of the wedding into the ceremony.

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Wedding Napkins and… Superman?

Wedding fair

Cloth Napkins?

Paper Napkins?


Napkin Rings?

The decision might be an easy one for you, but at some point you’ll have to decide what kind of napkins you want to use, and how you would like to display them. It depends completely on your taste and budget, but to help you decide I’ve put together a few various types that you could potentially use.

Keep in mind that napkins aren’t just for place settings, they are also often included in dessert tables, candy buffets, coffee bars and even the cake display.

Here you can see the classic folded napkin, which is usually either slightly decorated, as this one is, or placed in a champagne glass.

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Oh Star

You’ll find me talking about the value of light on a very regular basis, it is a design aspect I feel very strongly about! This post however mentions it rather indirectly.  The theme I want to talk about today focuses on one of the many celestial bodies that light up our world.

Stars are an incredible addition to weddings for many reasons. The least of which is their aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Wedding Reception

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Behind the Scenes Mini Series

A Weddingstar Photo-shoot

Each image that you see in our Weddingstar magazine was carefully crafted and photographed during a long and intensive process. We have decided to reveal a little bit of what goes on behind the scenes of a Weddingstar Photo-shoot and we hope you enjoy the alternate view!

For our 2011 Magazine we took a series of photos for a Garden Party theme – and our very own Media Guy (Luke) was there to capture the event on video.

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