Caitlyn + Chris: A Crafty Columbus Wedding

Caitlyn + Chris had an amazing wedding with lots of handmade details. From their family made wedding cake to their heartfelt DIY details, their wedding shows crafting at its’ finest! I am especially in love with their mix of natural and modern elements which gives their wedding a look all it’s own! Congratulations you two on your gorgeously handcrafted day!!

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Rachel + Roger: A Vintage Inspired Day in the Garden

I am head over heels for Rachel and Rogers vintage-inspired wedding. From Rachel’s gorgeous feather and floral bouquet to Roger’s simple yet classic suit and their antique get-away car, every detail about their day is perfect. Plus, with the backdrop of CJ’s Off the Square acting like an enchanted garden, I just can’t get enough of these photos! While you’re gazing at Rachel + Roger’s fabulous wedding, don’t miss the cameo of our Moroccan Wine Labels too! Be inspired, enjoy!

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Using Dried Flowers in Your Wedding Decor

Warm Porch

Your first instinct may be to gravitate towards lush fresh flowers for your wedding, however I would love to take a moment to talk about the delicate beauty that dried flowers can achieve.

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Carley & Matt – Natural Sparks

I was absolutely delighted when Session Nine Photography submitted this wedding to us. I have been in the mood for a beautiful soft wedding, and that is exactly what they have given me.

The dulcet colors provide the groundwork for their delicate style and romantic atmosphere. They combine to create a natural ambiance with purple acting to draw your attention to the details. Continue reading

Nature’s Whimsy

Working with Wildflowers

The wonderful thing about wildflowers is that they don’t appear overly structured and formal. They immediately contribute to a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

Beautiful Bachelor's Buttons Bouquet

Bachelor’s Buttons are the perfect flower for any ‘wildflower’ creations – the great thing about them is that they are incredibly easy to grow!

If you’re having a DIY summer wedding it would be a simple task to plant enough of them to decorate your entire event. They are hardy, beautiful and can be found in a plethora of pink, blue, purple and white shades. You don’t need to make full bouquets as the wildflower style is a lot more sparse.

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