Anne + Kellen: Together at Last

Time apart is by far one of the greatest challenges that any relationship will face. It strains, drains and forces you to forge ahead with determination – and if you don’t, the relationship will fail. In the end, such a test will either make you stronger as a couple or tear you apart. In this case, Anne and Kellen came through their trials more in love than ever.

What an incredible couple!

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Erin + Matt: A Military Masterpiece

There’s something about a groom in military uniform that makes a wedding so intimate and special, and the way this couple pulled every piece of their formal nuptials together was a true work of art.

Here is what their photography had to say:

Matt is a Sergeant in the Army Reserve so a military presence was essential. He wore his dress uniform and had a saber ceremony as they exited the church. For Erin, the bride, it was all about keeping it simple and making sure that Matt’s military details came to fruition.

Erin Rhodes and Matt Adams were married on October 15, 2011 in Akron, Ohio, United States. Continue reading