Summers End: Our 5 Favorite “Must Haves” of the Season

Well I guess it’s that time of year again, as the days get shorter and the temperatures are dropping we definitely know fall is on its’ way. But, it has been a most excellent summer – and with a few more weeks of blissful sunshine to soak up, I figured it was the perfect time to re-cap what are the 5 best must have’s for your outdoor wedding. Even if your big day is going to be in early fall, each of the following items is going to be a lovely addition to your wedding for ambiance, style and of course practicality! Enjoy!

My first must have – the classic parasol! A perfect way to let guests shield themselves from the rays of the sun, these summer essentials are practical and beautiful! Lay them on guests seats at the ceremony or have them in a cute container for guests to grab themselves – either way, they’re sure to be a hit! For added points, deck your Paper Parasol with Bamboo Boning out in ribbon or lace in your wedding color!

While the suns warmth and light are a fabulous part of summer, there can be times when you’re feeling a little too hot! Make sure your guests are cool and comfortable with a fan laid on each chair or even hanging off the end of each aisle of chairs in a mason jar or vase! With a sweet little ornate handle, our line of decorative fans is sure to offer a perfect match your big day!

Whether it’s at your outdoor ceremony or at your cocktail hour, keeping something cool to drink on hand is a must for a summer wedding! I love the pops of color and fun that our “Sipper’s” Candy Striped Paper Straws add to drinks, and our Water Bottle Wraps are a perfect way to customize your guests sips! Plus, one of the funnest things you can look forward to in your wedding planning is finding your signature drink – yum!!!

Color, color and more color! Because summer is a season so full of life and color itself, it’s the perfect time of year to have a vibrant wedding design! From large tropical flowers in your bouquet to decorations in bright hues, I love how diverse you can make your summer wedding plans! One of my absolute favorite ways to add color to your wedding design – our Striped Decorative Shape Bunting Banner!

Almost nothing is as romantic as candlelight – and an outdoor wedding is the perfect place to let the soft glow of candles shine. Line the way from your reception to other important spots like the drink station or bathrooms with our Luminary Bags. Or, set out a tablescape with the whimsy of our glass luminaries and wraps. With custom colors and options in many of our wraps, they’re a great personalized feature to brighten up your tables and set a romantic mood!

I hope you have all enjoyed this round-up – and that you all enjoy your last few weeks of summer! Happy sun-bathing and weddings everyone, see you all Friday!


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