Summer Wedding Tips: Surviving the Heat

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Outdoor summer weddings are a lot of fun, and with picturesque green landscapes and the smell of fresh flowers surrounding you, there’s no wonder they can be some of the most beautiful events. But, just as you need to prepare for rain at spring weddings, you should be wary of the possibility of scorching heat on your big summertime day.

Plan ahead! Here are 5 tips to help you and your guests not only survive but enjoy your wedding day, especially if it turns out to be a summer scorcher.

1. Give out Hand Fans &/or Parasols

Have a basket of hand fans available so guests can take one as they walk in to the ceremony. These will also come in handy at an indoor ceremony because even air conditioned churches can get hot and stuffy.

Choose from a variety of styles to match your wedding theme, including cherry blossom, tropical, seascape, contemporary and even pretty eco-friendly designs. Or go with the personalized fans pictured above.

Parasols are a great way to shield your guests from the sun’s relentless rays. Have your escorts carry them as they show guests to their seats and let anyone who would like one hold onto it during the ceremony.

2. Have Lots of Water & other Refreshments on Hand

This one really is the most important of all. Your guests may become dehydrated from the sun (especially when the alcohol starts flowing!) so be sure to have bottles of water readily available before and after the ceremony, at cocktail hour and throughout the reception. Dress them up with personalized labels to match your color scheme and other wedding stationery.

3. Wear Casual, Cool Attire

If you’ve always dreamed of a black tie wedding, an outdoor summer wedding is likely not the best choice for you. You really should be open to a lighter, more casual dress code so your guests don’t melt away in the sun.

And this goes for you, your groom and your wedding party as well. Skip the big princess ballgown and opt for a light flowy dress instead, and avoid putting your ladies in long heavy dresses as well. And if you insist on a suit for your groom, don’t make it a tuxedo. They have a ton of lighter, breathable suit options out there so take advantage.

4. Have a Tented Reception

Photo credit: McCardell Photography

Granted, wide open summertime ceremonies are especially beautiful. But when it comes to the reception, make it a tent. It provides shelter from the sun while still giving that feeling of being outside. Also, you can even get them to install ceiling fans to get that air circulating. Definitely something to consider.

5. Have Sunscreen, Sunglasses and Bug Spray

These are all the little extras that may make your summer wedding truly flawless. Have sunscreen and bug spray kicking around throughout the day, and even include baskets of freshening up items in the restrooms such as blotting tissues, hairspray, deodorant, body spray and bobby pins.

Be sure to check back here on Friday for Our 5 Fave Summer Wedding Accessories!

Happy summer weddings!

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