Oh Star

You’ll find me talking about the value of light on a very regular basis, it is a design aspect I feel very strongly about! This post however mentions it rather indirectly.  The theme I want to talk about today focuses on one of the many celestial bodies that light up our world.

Stars are an incredible addition to weddings for many reasons. The least of which is their aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Wedding Reception

There are few people who can look up into a glittering night sky and not be impressed.

Stars make us feel like we are part of something bigger, their stunning appearance brings out the romantic in many of us – and most importantly, they help us dream and imagine.

Wedding Reception

Stars represent mystery and infinity – reaching out into a never ending universe and tantalizing us with the tiniest hint of what our future can hold.

Wedding Reception

The star can be incorporated as a symbol, however my preference is re-creating the magic of stars – a twinkling blanket above you in the night.

christmas lanterns

You can often find star related decorations after Christmas for extremely reduced prices! They are generally silver or white in appearance, and star lights are usually on a white wire as opposed to the Christmas green – this allows for better incorporation into a wedding.

Still Shining

Holiday Decorations Star decor items are also a great DIY project. They can be made from a variety of materials and hung from the ceiling or placed as part of the table decor.

If hung, they will give depth to the decor in your venue. Of course, when hanging anything you want to make sure that guests can’t see how they are secured. Tape or obvious tacks showing will detract from their appearance!

You will also want to make sure that you have permission from the venue to attach decorations to their ceiling.

If you would rather include them in the table decor you could use them as place cards or holders, additions to the centerpieces or simply sprinkle the stars along the table.

The Sky is priceless

Small white lights are a wonderful way to achieve a star-like ambiance whether clustered together or wound in strands around your reception site.

Tree lights up close

For the star effect – the lights don’t necessarily have to be white.

Though white tends to blend in with wedding colors, blue also provides that magical ambiance.

Holiday Lights

Photos courtesy of Cameron Nordholm, jekert gwapo, arthur.is, cliff1066™, keithbsmiley and photojenni.

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