Rings and Things

The ring shot is one that almost every couple will end up with. The wedding rings captured in their shiny glory, on such an important day in a relationship, is a great keepsake to have. They’re a great addition to a photo album as the ring photograph is guaranteed to stand out!

If you want to make the most out of every photograph…

As lovely as it is to have the photograph it is usually something that is done simply with what the photographer notices is available. Often you’ll see the rings with the bouquet or in a wine glass – two things that can be found at nearly every wedding. However, if you want to make sure you have every little detail covered, you can prepare for the ring shot with only minimal planning! If you know what type of photograph you are hoping for it will make the process go that much more smoothly.

Wedding Bands and Bouquet The most common ring photograph includes the rings and the brides bouquet or some of the wedding flowers. They are of course easily included and add a little extra to the backdrop.

The Precious Rings

It is nice to have more in the photo than just the rings. Perhaps something that represents the wedding, or the couple.

I’ve put together a collection of unique ring photographs, hopefully one of them might inspire you!

These rings were balanced on the top of a King Crown Wine Bottle Stopper, which was carefully secured in a wine bottle. It adds a unique dimension to the photograph and while the rings aren’t immediately apparent they are not hard to spot and admire!

Seema & Graham ring shot

The stunning color of these luscious fall leaves makes the rings shine and the resulting reflection is beautiful. If you are having a fall wedding, this could be an ideal representation!

The Cinderella slipper on the Fairy Tale Dreams Garter is a wonderful complement to the dazzling wedding rings. Was your wedding a dream come true? This photograph conveys the fairy tale qualities of the wedding while capturing the rings and great memories all in one image.

Conversation hearts were used to add a little bit of romance and a Valentines feel to this ring shoot. You could choose the hearts that you feel best apply to your relationship!

More Ideas

If you’re both book lovers – take a photo of your rings on the page of the dictionary that defines “Love”

Take the photo with a unique aspect of your decor, whether your centerpieces, place settings or perhaps even your candles.

Bring the rings outdoors to capture the season!

Of course no matter what you choose – feel free to bring props with you!

Props are definitely not limited to just the ring photo – they are wonderful if you want to have a little fun and add personality to your wedding photos. But that’s something we can talk about in later posts!

Images courtesy of Sarah Ackerman, Shayne Kaye, Stephanie Cragg Photography, John Hope Photography and Shandro Photos.

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