Tips from the Pros: How to Rent A Wedding Dress

I have the great pleasure of sharing a fabulous pro tip with all you guys today from wedding fashion writer extraordinaire, Brittany Moodie herself. Blogger and founder of The Wedding Dress Guide, Brittany is sharing all of her tips to get a fashionable dress at a steal of a deal with an option many of us probably never considered – renting!

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With the majority of wedding budgets being stretched to the limit in today’s troubled economy, talk of cost cutting seems to be replacing the talk of cake cutting! And, unfortunately that talk often turns to what the bride will be wearing as in most cases a bride’s wedding dress is the second most expensive purchase made when planning a wedding. Because most brides are looking for a way to have their dream day and keep their budget in-tact, renting a wedding dress is becoming a much more popular option than ever before. And while it might still be a little controversial as many brides-to-be are adamant that their wedding gown will be worn once and kept as a memento of their special day for years to come, hear me out and see what kind of savings you might be able to get when you find a dress for hire instead!

So, where do you begin when you’re looking to rent a wedding dress?

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Finding a Hire Service

Many bridal boutiques are now offering a “dress for hire” service due to the growing need to cut wedding costs! So, do a little research in your area to see if the service is available close to home. If hire isn’t offered locally, then browse online for wedding dress hire shops that house your favorite designers; there are a variety of mail order services and boutiques specializing in renting dresses and are situated in a number of cities and large towns. Just keep in mind that if your traveling or even able to stop for a fitting on the weekend at a local shop to book an appointment so you can receive the one-to-one care every bride deserves whilst shopping for their wedding dress! Just because it’s a rental doesn’t mean you can’t still be pampered at the fitting!

Altered to Fit

Did you know you can actually get your rental dress altered?!? Many brides actually think that hiring a wedding gown means they will have to tie the knot in a second hand gown that fits rather sloppily but this just isn’t case! Actually, the majority of hire services offer fitting so that gowns can be altered to your particular shape and size! However you should be aware that there are some restrictions to ensure that the hired dress is not altered permanently or that the style of the dress isn’t completely overhauled. Gowns tend not to be altered by more than two dress sizes, and major detailing on the dress can’t be removed to suit your specific taste.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

A lot of brides also worry that their dress will look “worn” or “second-hand” – two words most women don’t want describing their outfits on any day, let alone at their wedding! But, you can be guaranteed a high quality gown that looks brand new as most hire services buy their dresses direct from the designer or manufacturer and tend not to use ex-sample dresses. There is also a limit on how many times a gown can be hired to ensure you don’t get a worn wedding look, with the general rule of thumb being 5 weddings per dress. And, because you’re hiring from a professional business and they want to make sure your get a dress you can be happy with, all dresses are carefully dry cleaned after each hire so you get nothing less than the best!

The Cost of Hiring

And I saved the best part (or what most couples agree is the best part) for last, which is the actual cost of renting a wedding dress. As I’m sure you are well-aware now, the cost of hiring is considerably cheaper than buying and sees many brides get the designer wedding dress they desire without taking out a personal loan! Hiring a wedding dress varies from service to service but generally costs between $150 and $800, depending on the dress you choose and the length of time your going to “hire” it for. There is also a refundable deposit that must be paid upon collection of the gown, so that if the dress is damaged the cost of repair can be covered.

So, have I convinced you to try hiring a wedding dress instead? The idea may still face some opposition, and true it can be hard to realize you won’t have your dress as a keepsake, but the budget savvy bride can use hiring a dress to drastically cut the cost of the big day without compromising on quality or forfeiting a slammin’ style statement! So get out that calculator out and see whether hiring or buying your wedding dress suits you and your budget!

Brittany Moodie is the talented major voice and creator of  the bridal fashion resource, The Wedding Dress Guide. The “guide” was created to help fellow brides-to-be find the wedding dress of their dreams with essential advice, bridal style guides and interactive fitting features.

On The Wedding Dress Guide, brides can truly find every type of inspiration and answer they might require in their quest for the perfect dress. With interactive features and posts written by brides, for brides, it’s the up and coming resource for anything bridal, including topics beyond the dress. Brides-to-be that are looking for shoe or accessory information can easily find the best ideas for their day with the assortment of fashion topics covered. With a “Real Thing” section about to start up, brides will even get a chance to submit their favorite wedding day photos to lend a helping hand to those still in the planning stages of the nuptials. A rich resource, The Wedding Dress Guide is your one stop for wedding dress inspiration and advice – and that includes renting! 😉


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