Perplexing Pomanders

Pomanders (a.k.a. Kissing Balls)

If you want to know more about these adorable flower arrangements then you have definitely come to the right place!

Pomanders in History

Pomanders are interesting for a variety of reasons, most of which I’m more than happy to elaborate on. You see, originally the pomander was a globe made of paste and scented materials which was used as an early form of aromatherapy. It was held in a metal perforated ball that generally hung on a chain and was carried around on ones person.

Modern pomanders that are used for their scent are usually made from oranges studded with cloves. The finished fruit is then left to cure and gives off a scent for several years. I have never personally smelt a pomander, but given that I like both the scent of citrus and cloves I’m quite confident I wouldn’t object to it.

Rather than being carted around they are used to freshen rooms, wardrobes or dressers, much like potpourri.

pomander smells good

Pomanders in Modern Weddings

Now when it comes to weddings, pomanders are usually made up solely of flowers, but don’t let the norm hinder your creativity! You could theoretically make a pomander out of nearly anything.

They are often used instead of flower girl baskets, not only do they look sweet being carried down the aisle, but they are also easy to hold on to. They are ideal for younger flower girls who may not be certain what to do with a basket filled with petals! Also, many venues do not allow the tossing of petals which makes the pomander an ideal alternative.

Of course, any traditional bouquets can be replaced with a pomander to change things up a little.

Pomanders in Wedding Decor

These versatile flower arrangements can also be hung as part of the wedding decor in the ceremony or reception venue.

Pomanders for the table setting are incredibly simple to make. All you need is a round ball of florist foam and a whole bunch of flowers! Trim the stems so they don’t poke through the foam on the other side and position so that none of the foam can be seen. This should be done with flowers that have one single bloom per stem.

They can be arranged on the table by themselves or incorporated into more elaborate centerpieces. They look fabulous stacked in transparent vases and you will often see one pomander balanced on the top of a vase rather than in it.

Pomanders are great to mark the aisle for the ceremony as they can be hung from pews or chairs, or even things that are part of the landscape – such as trees!

You can make pomanders custom for your wedding by adding in different materials – pine cones for the rustic wedding, a bit of greenery for a spring wedding… etc.

The one unifying feature of all pomanders is that they are round and usually hung from a cord or ribbon (with the exception of the pomanders that are displayed on a table).

What do you think? Are they something you would consider?

Photos courtesy of Stephanie Cragg Photography and nickyfern.

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