Wedding Napkins and… Superman?

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Cloth Napkins?

Paper Napkins?


Napkin Rings?

The decision might be an easy one for you, but at some point you’ll have to decide what kind of napkins you want to use, and how you would like to display them. It depends completely on your taste and budget, but to help you decide I’ve put together a few various types that you could potentially use.

Keep in mind that napkins aren’t just for place settings, they are also often included in dessert tables, candy buffets, coffee bars and even the cake display.

Here you can see the classic folded napkin, which is usually either slightly decorated, as this one is, or placed in a champagne glass.

The napkin ring is a great way to achieve a professional look with less difficulty than folding the napkin usually requires. It is also possible to find napkin rings to match any style of wedding. Shown here is our Swish Napkin Ring, a design that was created to complement most weddings.

The Diamond Ring Napkin Holder adds a sparkling touch to any place setting.

{In this photo: Cellophane Bags with Header and our Sweet Beginnings Personalized Napkins}

Here, personalized napkins have been combined with a favor to create a simple table setting. Complementary napkin colors are a great way to add to the tone of the event. The personalization can be changed to suit whatever theme or style you are planning for, from Las Vegas to Simple Elegance, you can find a design to match them all.

This set up is a novel way to create a unique place setting as well as save a bit of money. This place card napkin ring negates the need for place cards and place card holders as it functions as both, at the same time it elegantly completes the look of the place setting! Whew, that’s a lot of work for one little item, talk about multitasking!

It is generally easier to use paper napkins in food displays. Not only are they less expensive but they can be easily personalized, stacked, wrapped or placed under drinks.

{In this photo: Eat Drink Marry Napkins, Double Rings Place Card Holder, Lavish Monogram Stationery, Stir Sticks, Water Pearls and Mini Martini Glasses}

Paper napkins don’t need to be folded to achieve the proper presentation and they are smaller which will make guests more inclined to grab a napkin when they pick up their treat! They can simply be disposed of and do not require washing.

Each type of napkin has its pros and cons but the final decision will be based on what look you want to achieve.


On a completely different topic, I have some pretty fabulous news. It seems that our cake toppers have finally made their television debut!

It was Friday night and I was doing some well earned relaxing while watching one of my favorite TV shows. In the fabulous final season of Smallville, we are seeing the culmination of the story that all the fans have been impatiently waiting for.

I could talk for ages about how Clark Kent is finally on the verge of accepting the mantle of Superman, but that is going even further off topic! Lois Lane is of course planning her wedding to Clark, challenge enough without marrying a superhero, as I’m sure you already know. While she was stressing over the fact that her father’s army associates were going to be in the same church as no less than half a dozen superheroes; she set up a model of the church in an attempt to avert any disasters before they could happen — and ruin her big day.

The representations of herself and Clark at the alter were two of our very own Cake Toppers.

These two in fact! They can be found HERE.

Tune in on Wednesday for a special post by one of our product designers!

(First photo courtesy of PJAR72)

2 thoughts on “Wedding Napkins and… Superman?

  1. Is it proper to use professional titles on wedding napkins or the thank you ribbon ? (such as Doctors Jeanne & Carl)

  2. Hi Gwendalyn,
    I wouldn’t worry too much about whether it’s proper or not…it’s your wedding and you can do whatever you like! However, I would suggest using “Drs. Jeanne & Carl”.

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