The Love Letter

(or Love of Letters…)

One of the most romantic sentiments that can be shared between lovers is a love letter. It is so much more than just telling your loved one how you feel. A letter helps you fully understand your emotions and your thoughts. It is something tangible that can be kept, and cherished. It’s not like a memory that will fade in time, you can go back at any point and relive the emotion that was so honestly conveyed.


A love letter can be an apology or a declaration. It is a way for those of us who are not so great with words to sit down and figure it all out before sharing it. There is nothing wrong with writing a few drafts to ensure it says exactly what you want it to say.

Sometimes three words are not enough to express the deep and abiding love between a couple. A love letter says all the things that cannot be encompassed by ‘I love you‘.

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I’m blown away by the idea of a wedding that focuses on the love letter or the written word as a theme. Especially for couples that spent time apart or are the kind to leave notes of love for each other. How ideal would the theme be for a couple who has a love for books, or an interest in the classics? It is undeniably sentimental but without a hint of the ‘too-sugary’ sweetness that can often accompany an attempt to be romantic.

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The written word is so full of history, as the medium through which the greatest of love stories were preserved, that it holds a kind of inherent romanticism. This tangible emotion could be easily interwoven throughout a wedding for a sentimental and yet still classy style.

In my opinion a theme like this would work best in something of a vintage style. Old books, ‘time-worn’ letters and muted colors would be a stunning combination.

One idea that I have to pass on, which was supplied by one of our Facebook fans, is to use a mailbox as your wishing well. She did exactly that and the mailbox is now set up in front of the home she shares with her husband.

What a great reminder of a special day!

Another way to include love letters as part of a wedding without dedicating yourself to an entire theme is by performing the romantic Love Letter Ceremony.

This video describes in a bit more detail what it is all about.

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