Mix & Match Cake Toppers for Interracial Brides & Grooms

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For all of the interracial couples out there, you’re not alone! And that’s why Weddingstar has a variety of mix and match wedding cake toppers to fit each of your unique relationships.

Look at Facebook mogul Mark Zuckerberg’s marriage to his longtime girlfriend Priscilla Chan last month. He’s Caucasian and she’s of Chinese-Vietnamese decent. Hmm…I wonder what their cake topper looked like.

And the Zuckerberg newlyweds aren’t the only interracial couple in the spotlight. Hollywood celeb Matthew McConaughey’s recent marriage to Brazillian model Camila Alves also made headlines, and who can forget reality TV star Khloe Kardashian and her basketball pro husband Lamar Odom? And the list goes on.

Noticing a trend? Actually yes. According to a recent USA Today article, interracial couples are on the rise in the U.S.

So, here they are. Find the combination that suits you!

mix & match cake toppers, interchangeable cake toppers

From varying hair colors to different ethnicities and even bald grooms, our interchangeable brides and grooms have your unique relationship covered. Choose from 3 hair colors and Asian, Caucasian, Hispanic or African American skin tones.

Still can’t find the cake topper you’re looking for or have an idea for one? We’d love to hear it!

We’re always looking for new ideas for future cake toppers. So just a leave a comment below or send your idea to onasweetnote@weddingstar.com.

Happy weddings!

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