Indoor Vs. Outdoor Weddings


When planning your big day, you must decide whether you want it to take place indoors or outdoors. Whether you decide to have it in the backyard, on the beach, countryside, church or community hall, your perfect location is out there and can be a beautiful affair. But both indoor and outdoor affairs can have their perks and disadvantages.


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Outdoor Ceremonies


The fresh air, the blue skies, and standing under the shining sun are all enticing reasons to getting married outdoors. Here is a list of a few pros and cons for an outdoor wedding:

Con: Mother Nature
There is always an uncontrollable risk to an outdoor event, which is the weather. So make sure you have a back-up plan just in case.

Pro: Personal Touch

A benefit to an outdoor wedding is that it can be more personal to you as a couple. You can pick a location that matches your style as a couple and that has true meaning. For example the farm you grew up on or the mountains you like to climb.

Pro: Personalize The Decor

There is also greater opportunity to personalize the décor. With an outdoor wedding you are starting with a blank slate and can decorate to match your style. You can choose the style of chair or bench for your guests, arch or pedestal for your ceremony.

Indoor Ceremonies


If you’re looking for something with a bit more control, an indoor wedding may just be your cup of tea. Here is a list of pros and cons to consider an indoor wedding:

Pro: Unique Style For Every Couple

Indoor locations have their own personality. Whether you choose a church, historical building, or greenhouse there is a unique style for every couple.

Con: Space Limitations

Indoor weddings do have more space limitations depending on the location.

Pro: Air Conditioning and Availability

Even though there are space limitations there are other benefits such as A/C, space personality, and year-round availability.

Both indoor and outdoor ceremonies have pros and cons. But they both can make for your perfect day! For tips on how to personalize your day click here.


6 thoughts on “Indoor Vs. Outdoor Weddings

  1. I like how you said that choosing an indoor wedding venue can help you to find a building that fits your unique personality and allows guests to have A/C. On Saturday night, my daughter’s best friend got engaged to her boyfriend from high school of 7 years. I think she’d like the benefits that come from an indoor venue, so I’ll suggest she find one in Middletown, RI.

  2. My fiance and I are planning to hold a romantic rustic wedding in the Park, which is why we’re thinking of renting portable toilets as well. I agree with you that an outdoor wedding is beneficial because we’ll have the chance to choose our ideal location. You’re also right that this will be the best opportunity to decorate this venue according to our style.

  3. It’s great that you mention that outdoor wedding venues allow you the opportunity to hold your event in a scenic environment. I would like to get married in a place with beautiful surroundings, so I’m considering booking an outdoor venue for the occasion. I’m going to search for a good outdoor wedding venue in the area that my fiance and I can use.

  4. It’s cool that you mention that using an outdoor venue allows you to get married among beautiful surroundings. I want my wedding next year to be perfect, so I’m thinking about having it at an outdoor venue. I’m going to search for a good outdoor wedding venue to use.

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