Tips: Having a Perfect Wedding when you’re Expecting


Whether a baby bump has always been part of the wedding plans or not, being a pregnant bride shouldn’t change things too drastically. And even if the baby news was a surprise with only a few months to go until the big day, don’t panic. You can still have that dream wedding you have always imagined.

When we found out we were pregnant, my fiance and I chose to put off our big wedding until after the baby is born and we eloped to Las Vegas instead, but there’s no reason you have to do that too.

Just look at actress Drew Barrymore for example, and her recent marriage to Will Kopelman…

Photo Credit: People Magazine

I mean, how cute is that photo? The couple looks absolutely fabulous (and shall I say, incredibly happy about Drew’s adorable baby bump) on the cover of People Magazine. Even at five or six months pregnant, Drew looks great, doesn’t she? Her modest, and incredibly fashionable, Chanel wedding gown was designed specifically to flatter her growing midriff.

If you haven’t sent the invites out yet, you could always consider pushing up your wedding date before you really start to show, or you could always put it off until after the baby is born. But if being married before baby arrives is important to you (which is why Drew rushed her wedding and why I eloped) then why not just do it!

So to all of the expectant Brides out there, here are my Top 5 tips to having the perfect wedding, baby bump and all:

1. Own it!

Don’t try to hide your bump, embrace it and absolutely celebrate it. These are two very special moments happening in your life at the same time, it’s not a time to feel embarrassed or ashamed. Be happy!


I love this expecting couple cake topper! It’s so cute and it’s a really great way to show off how excited you are about your new family to be.

2. Skip the stilettos

Trust me, stick to kitten heels or better yet, cute, comfortable flats.

3. Choose a dress that’s breathable and flowy

Sure, you want to look good but being pregnant is no time to be sacrificing comfort for fashion. But this doesn’t mean an unflattering frock! There are hundreds of amazing maternity wedding gowns out there so don’t settle for anything less than perfection.

And if you absolutely have to have that tight, formfitting dress, choose one that draws attention to your neck and shoulders, avoid plunging necklines (your girls are likely going to be a lot bigger than you’re use to) and always opt for a corset back just in case.

4. Serve a signature ‘mocktail’

Another great way to celebrate with your guests, sans alcohol!

5. Don’t expect to be Wonder Woman

As the life of the party, you may think you have to be on your toes all night long mingling and visiting with your guests.

But don’t kid yourself, it’s going to be a long day and you will get tired at some point. Be sure to take it easy if you’re feeling sore or tired and let everyone come to you.

You can also opt for an early afternoon affair that doesn’t go on until the wee hours of the morning. That way, you still get an entire day of wedding bliss without the exhaustion and swollen feet.

Happy pregnant weddings!


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One thought on “Tips: Having a Perfect Wedding when you’re Expecting

  1. Tip no.1 is it the most essential in my book – own it, as otherwise, it will seem like you are uncomfortable about it, which will in turn make the guests feel uncomfortable which all round, doesn’t make a great day for anyone!

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