Hanging Wedding Decor

While a ceiling may not be the first thing that you worry about when planning your wedding decor, it presents a unique blank canvas for you to transform. Like the rest of your venue it can be customized to suit your wedding.

What you can do with a ceiling greatly depends on where your wedding is being held. Some venues will be perfect without requiring even the slightest change. Dazzling chandeliers not only add a fantastic fairytale feel but often help contribute to the lighting mood of the event!

When glorious chandeliers are not available there are still things that can be done to improve the look. (You will want to make sure that you can affix decorations to the ceiling, and if so, what methods you can use!)

Hanging decorations can add light or simply be that perfect addition to create the ambiance you are hoping for.

This idea also applies outside – when it comes to decorating the gazebo, tent, or even just overhanging branches!

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Chandelier at Bewleys, Dublin

If you are planning on hanging decorations from the ceiling, try staggering how far down the decorations are set up! If they are all the same distance from the ceiling it may end up looking too uniform.

Round paper lanterns are an extremely popular option as hanging decor, not only because they are simple to set up but because they can also be used to supply additional light.

Also, decorations don’t have to hang from the entire ceiling – hanging centerpieces are also a very unique idea. These would be suspended from the ceiling and would end above eye level when sitting, to avoid hindering conversation.

Is the ceiling on your list of locations to decorate?

Images courtesy of Bitterjug, ricoeurian, [lauren nelson], futureshape, Jane Rahman and jonny2love.

3 thoughts on “Hanging Wedding Decor

  1. My wedding reception was held it in an overlarge room, because the facility was free for us to use. To bring the space down to size we created an intimate area by hanging lights in a beautiful canopy over the dinner area. Hanging decorations are an amazing way to add light and bring new dimensions to your space!

    Here is a photo.

  2. I like the first design…it creates a bubbly touch to the overall scene. This entails fun yet still does not compromise the romantic mood. I’d love seeing these decorated around with an overall motif of silver or turqoise.

  3. I really like the hanging bubbles. Can anyone tell me where I might be able to purchase some for our upcoming wedding in August 2011- Thanks.

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