Fashion Friday: Nail Bling Giveaway with BOHEM Nails

Today I am so incredibly excited to announce another first here on our blog – A Fashion Friday Giveaway! And ladies, do I have a giveaway for you! Straight from our friends in the U.K. at BOHEM nails, we’re giving away 3 pairs of their Sterling Silver or Enamel nails to 3 lucky winners!

But, before I get ahead of myself, some of you may be wondering just what in the world BOHEM nails are?? In two words: Nail Bling! And in more, I promise they’ll be one of the most amazing accessories you’ll ever find – to rock at your wedding and beyond. Because, BOHEM nails are high quality, silver, gold or enamel nail jewelry that adhere to your own digits with super strong adhesive tabs. And, I’m not talking about those $10 press on nails that pop off within minutes of applying them – these are the real deal! And, I was lucky enough to be able to try out a pair and show you all how they work! So let’s head to the tutorial (or if you just know you want a pair, scroll to the bottom of this post to enter the contest!).

BOHEM nails are actually super easy to apply and really do stay on amazingly well! All you need to do is find your size using this super simple size guide (I am using a small) and then just follow these instructions (straight from BOHEM) exactly when your set gets to you and you’ll be all set to wow on your big day!

  1. Clean the back of your BOHEM nail with warm soapy water, to remove any grease or adhesive residue.
  2. Using tweezers, apply the BOHEM adhesive tab to the BOHEM nail and let it set for a few minutes. In the meantime continue with step 3.
  3. Remove any nail varnish from the nail to which you are applying your BOHEM nail and gently push your cuticles back.
  4. Buff your nail with a smooth buffer until the nail looks matt. Do not over buff, you are aiming to lightly scuff the surface of the nail to ensure the tab adheres strongly.
  5. Remove any dust created by the buffing from your nail with nail polish remover.
  6. Using tweezers, remove the secondary film from the BOHEM tab.
  7. Place the BOHEM nail on your natural nail, aligning the cuticle end first and, once you are happy with the position, press on your finger for 3 minutes, to ensure the adhesive has set.
  8. Do not pull your BOHEM nail, or get your nail wet for 30 minutes to make sure the BOHEM nail is completely secure.
  9. Your nails should now stay on for at least 24 hours.

Simple right? I have to say I’m actually not very adept at doing my nails at all – and I’m talking even painting them somewhat nicely is a bit of a stretch for my skills! But I had no trouble at all getting my BOHEM nails on, looking fab and lasting all day! I was lucky enough to receive my set on a Friday and immediately had to try them out at my desk (it’s a hard job, I know, but someone has to do it!). I followed the simple instructions to a T and my nails lasted through typing all day and then all through the night out at the pub! They held great and I loved how many compliments I got! Plus, your nails come with everything you need to apply them – buffer, polishing cloth, 24 adhesive tabs. All you need are the tweezers!

What I love best about these is how unique they are. People couldn’t believe when I told them I had silver nails! And, who doesn’t want to shine – especially on your wedding day! The nails are so amazing too, I know you’ll love wearing them even after your big day (and then they’ll always remind you of what an amazing day it was!). Plus, using them as an accent on your ring finger can make sure that hubby knows exactly what finger to put the ring on 🙂

Still need more convincing on how awesome these nails are? Our friend Katy from Nailed It Blog did a review on them too and she’s got the same advice – you’ll love them!

{ The design I’m wearing  is called Lace, and you can buy ’em right here }

And, now that your totally in love with BOHEM (just like I am!), it’s time to enter the contest! Like I mentioned before, we’re lucky enough to be giving away 3 pairs of Enamel or Silver nails to 3 lucky winners! All you have to do is enter using the little Rafflecopter widget below and voila – the winners will be picked at random and notified next Fashion Friday, the 18th of October if they’ve won! Then all you have to do is let us know your favorite pair and size and BOHEM will send them to you! Happy Friday, Happy Weddings and good luck everyone!!!

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  1. Gorgeous patterns, wonderful concept and.they look so natural on the nail! i wouldn’t mind sorting these on a girls night out on the town. flashy 😉

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