Get the Look: One Box, 10 Ways

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today I am beyond thrilled to bring you guys this brand new DIY post – One Box, 10 Ways! I hope it will inspire your inner crafter and make planning your wedding favors just that much easier. In fact, I really kept you – the hard working, busy yet fabulous bride in mind while I created each of these 10 original designs. And, I’m pleased to say that I promise each one of these favor boxes is simple, quick and above all else, chic enough for any wedding. Get ready to make a statement, let’s make your favors shine!

Each of these 10 looks are unique in and of themselves, but I think a few key supplies will get your imagination turning and help you create the most amazing favors to really set your wedding apart! I’ll outline what I used exactly for each favor box as I show them to you, but for starters you’ll want to have:

1.   The most important piece – your favor boxes! I love our new Transparent Acetate Favor Boxes because they are the perfect size for any number of delicious treats and have the added bonus of their transparent construction to add that extra design element for your creations. However, these ideas are just that – ideas! So feel free to take a peek around in the rest of our favor containers to find one that fits you and your partner!

2.   After you’ve got your boxes, your obviously going to want your filler to be on hand while your crafting as the bulk of the designs I’m going to show you require filling before decorating as they’ll be glued/tied/wrapped shut at the end. Let your heart (and your budget!) guide you in your decision on fillers – from candy or nuts to hot chocolate and tea there are endless possibilities for what you can give your guests as a special treat!

3.   Ribbon and/or Striped Cotton Baker’s Twine are also going to be your best friends in this endeavor! From adding a splash of color to tying your favor box closed, you’ll see that most of these designs have some kind of ribbon or twine element. Plus, they’re a great way to match your wedding colors effortlessly (especially because we have a huge range of colors for both!). So make sure you have some on hand while you design your perfect favors!

4.   Scissors as usual will also be required!

5.   As is a glue gun – just make sure you watch your fingers!!!

And now all you need to do is pick out a few little extras to add that pièce de résistance and voila – amazing favors in minutes! But, just what might you want to add??

So chic and one of my absolute favorite DIY accesssories, our Parisian Love Letter Paper Blooms add that special handmade touch to anything you adorn with them! Let your love bloom with these simple designs using:

{ Box 1: Striped Cotton Baker’s Twine / Diamond Topper Pin // Box 2: Small Faux Jewel Roll // Box 3: Ribbon in Watermelon / Diamond Topper Pin }

So simple and so magnificent to behold – each of these boxes is wrapped up in love with one of our unique favor box wraps!

{ Box 1: Laser Expressions Personalized Monogram Box Wrap / Rhinestones // Box 2: One of our Parisian Love Letter Favor Box Wraps turned inside out and stamped with a Personalized Vineyard Rubber Stamp / Twine / Ribbon // Box 3: Key Monogram Favor Box Wrap / Heart Shaped Antique Key Charm / Twine }

Want a great way to make your wedding favors shine yet still have a classic design that’s always in style?!? Then try out a monochromatic theme with accents like:

{ Box 1: Laser Expressions Feather Tag / Twine // Box 2: Miniature Rectangular Blackboard Clip / Ribbon // Box 3: Miniature Bride and Groom Wedding Doves / Ribbon }

I just love this shot of all the boxes together – aren’t they beautiful? And don’t worry, I didn’t forget about the last box, tied with our Tea Rose Personalized Handkerchief and twine it’s my favorite out of all of them!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed seeing all the incredible and easy ways you can make your own personal mark on your favors. From simple ribbon and twine details to more ornate extras like laser cut tags and stunning paper blooms your creativity is the limit for just what you can create! Have a great Wednesday, I’ll see you all Friday with a brand new post! Until then, Happy Weddings (and crafting!).

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