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Finding the perfect wedding song is one of many big “to-do’s” before you exchange your “I Do’s!” And, it’s one of those seemingly simple tasks that can sometimes turn into a groove-shattering stressor of epic proportions! Luckily, today we have the team from Stanley House dishing their best advice for picking that all important tune – and with how many weddings they’ve hosted in the 9 years they’ve been in business, they’re expertise is undeniable!

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With the wedding season well and truly in full swing, bride and grooms-to-be across the country are hard at work, planning each detail of their big day to a tee. And, one particular question that our couples confide in us that has caused a lot of debate is their first dance song! Having hosted so many gorgeous weddings, we have a few simple and helpful tips to wade through the tunes and find the song for your first dance! So, without further ado, here are what we believe to be the essential factors in getting into your wedding groove:

To join or not to join – that is the question! The first step before you decide on your first dance song is to figure out if you want to dance to the whole number on your own, or if you would like your guests to join in. Whatever you decide – both are fantastic – make sure your DJ or band are aware of your decision. And, use this information to help guide you in your song choice and length! If you’re dancing to the song by yourselves, consider a shortened version so that everyone can get their groove on a little sooner.

This one is an obvious one, but it’s a big part of the key to having an amazing first dance song! And, just what is this key – why it’s listening to the lyrics of course! While it shouldn’t come as a shock, not all love songs are appropriate for a wedding, particularly your own. Make sure that you listen to the song, however well you know it, and listen to more than just the chorus – some popular choices such as Bon Jovi’s ‘Always’ (a song about a lost love) or Dido’s ‘Thank You’ don’t have the happiest of words (and a sad song can throw off anyone’s groove!). And, make your song decision based on your own musical tastes, even if they’re subversive. Just because your favorite band or song isn’t well known doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have it as your first dance. It is your wedding after all!!!

With so many YouTube video’s and amazing photos capturing enchanting performances, there are a lot more couples who are opting for a performance styled first dance to give a memorable experience to all their guests! And, while we are huge fans of this new trend, we do have some words to the wise. Always remember that this choice is going to require a lot of extra pre-planning: you’re going to need to get some dance lessons to really wow, your clothing has to be appropriate to really swing which may require an outfit change, and the list goes on! So, while it’s fun, keep in mind it could be a lot of extra planning to pull off a really great performance. And, any couple should keep in mind that the band and venue should be in the loop on your decision – no matter what kind of first dance you’re performing. How big is the dance floor at your venue? Do they even provide one? And does the band know or will be willing to learn your song? These are all good questions to keep in mind.

If all you can do is sit frustrated by your stereo or computer and still haven’t decided what you should play for your first dance, then we think you’re best bet is with a classic. Tunes that we hear a lot and make for a gorgeous and moving first dance are  ‘Amazed’ by Lonestar or ‘You’re The First, The Last, My Everything’ by Barry White. Both are timeless, elegant, romantic and a feature on a number of wedding song must-haves!

We hope this helps you all with your first dance picks – it should be a fun decision to make with your true love after all!

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  1. We recommend that you pick your first dance song based on your own musical taste as a couple. Don’t worry about it not being traditional, pick a song that is meaningful to you and that you can dance to.

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