From One Bridezilla to Another…


*shudder* Oh yes, how many times have you heard that since you started planning your wedding? Whether from your Groom, your parents, bridesmaids, whomever, the last thing you want to hear is to be told to relax.

Well, ladies, let’s face it: there is no way to escape the stresses of planning a wedding…believe me, I’ve tried.

My fiancé and I have been engaged for five months now, and to try to alleviate as much stress, complications and cost as possible, we’ve decided to go with a destination wedding in beautiful Riviera Maya, Mexico this coming November.

We started diving into the wedding plans just before Christmas, and boy, already I’ve had a few tense days. Choosing the location, picking the resort — which, by the way, was 10x harder than I ever expected — organizing the flights, waiting for flight info and rates from our travel agent, looming booking deadlines, etc., etc….

I am terrible at making decisions, especially now dealing with this once-in-a-lifetime kind of situation. Oh, and not to mention the thousands of dollars I’m juggling around. So, yes:

It wears you down after awhile.

And let me tell you, it doesn’t help that my fiancé is Mr. Cool through the whole thing. How can he stay so calm when our dream wedding is falling apart right before our eyes?!

Unfortunately for him, he is a much more relaxed, go with the flow type of person. I say it’s unfortunate because while he remains calm, cool and oh-so excited, he also has to deal with my ever-deepening neuroses.

He keeps telling me to relax *shudder* because everything will work out in the end. He says: “All I know is, I’ll be standing there watching you walk down that aisle in a dress that will probably make me cry and wonder how I ever got so lucky. And I will marry you. And that’s all that matters to me.”

Gosh, I hate it when he’s right.

So, to help make these next 10 months as stress free as possible, this is something I try to do every time I think I’m about to crack…

I try to rid myself of the ‘my wedding is turning into a nightmare’ type of attitude and focus on the positives instead. I take a moment, close my eyes and repeat this:

I am marrying the man of my dreams. The love of my life. My best friend.

And no matter what happens, my wedding will be wonderful.

Seriously, try it. Literally stop what you’re doing. Stop! Take a deep breath and whisper that mantra to yourself. It helps take your focus away from the negatives and bring it back to where it’s supposed to be: your marriage.

So as difficult as it may be sometimes, don’t yell, kick or punch. Because let’s face it, the alternative ain’t much better…

Hehe *wink*

And let me tell you, if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s this:

You never truly understand until you’ve had to plan your own wedding.

Amen to that.

Happy weddings, Bridezillas!

P.S. I’d love to hear your suggestions! Leave a comment below and tell me all about your stress relieving techniques! I’ll take all the advice I can get 🙂

Photos courtesy of: Victor Bezrukov and victoria.

One thought on “From One Bridezilla to Another…

  1. This cracks me up, I have to send it to my sister, I was on the phone with her for 2 hours last night. She got engaged over the holidays and she can’t believe how stressed out she is over the wedding. Now her wedding date is Nov. 3, 2013 – I was thinking in my head ohhh girl u ain’t seen nuttin yet lol

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