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Whoppee! Today isn’t only Friday – it’s Fashion Friday!!! And I have an amazing guest blog from lash expert, Liv Contreras (co-founder of Lashfully). Just what makes Liv an expert you might ask? Not only is she the co-founder of the plush salon Lashfully but with over 17 years as an aesthetician, 10 of which have been spent specializing in lash extensions, she’s made a name for herself as the Queen of Eyelashes! And lucky for us, she’s sharing all her tips for a luscious lashed look (say that 10x fast!) for your big day. So, if your like me, and you’ve been debating on eyelash extensions, get ready to learn everything you need to know to decide if lash extensions or false eyelashes should be part of your bridal beauty routine! Enjoy!

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Hi ladies, Liv here! With years of lash work under my belt, I guess you could say it’s one of my passions! From falsies to extensions to making your own natural pair the fullest they can be, I love it all! And, I know that the time when most of us start wondering about our eyelashes is before our wedding day! To some that might seem silly, but because our lashes are such an integral part of any look, it makes sense! So, just how do you get a fabulously lashed look that’s thick and full? Let’s break it down by how far away from your big day it is!

When your wedding is six months out (or you want great lashes), it’s the time to start your lash regime! I suggest starting by:

1.   Applying a natural lash growth serum (Lash Food or Chella) which will strengthen and lengthen your natural lashes. Our lashes grow in 3 stages that occur in a 5-6 week cycle and we shed our lashes naturally. However, when you step up your lash regime by using a lash growth serum or conditioner, the peptides and aminos present in the formula actually help to strengthen the lash in the follicle making it stronger and keeping it in the follicle longer!

2.   On the day of your wedding, I know you will want to wear waterproof mascara, but until then hold off! I even tell my clients to start wearing less mascara. Just watching movies at home? Skip the mascara that day! The more mascara you wear, the more breakage happens from the application and removal and the less stunning your lashes can become.

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If your thinking about getting eyelash extensions, then you’ll want to get them when your wedding is about 1 – 2 months away!

Sorry to yell here for a moment but: NEVER get Lash extensions right before your big day! I love them, but there can be side effects (and you can’t get them wet for 24 hours!). Although a reaction is rare, I think it’s always best to test out a new service to make sure you’re not allergic or sensitive to the styling product, in this case, the adhesive.  It’s always best therefore to try lash extensions out about 1 to 2 months in advance to make sure you receive the proper styling and that the adhesive doesn’t give you a reaction of any kind.  If you get them and love them, then all you need is to book a touch-up or fresh set 2 DAYS BEFORE (sorry – but this is important!) your big day. Why 2 days? Because, just as I mentioned above, you can’t get them wet for 24 hours (and the last thing you want on your wedding day is to ruin your new set of lashes with your happy tears!).

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One last thing to think about: What’s another great feature of lash extensions? They carry perfectly from your wedding to your honeymoon! Just think – you can have a super glam look without the hassle of mascara. Plus no mascara = no raccoon eyes in the pool = you look stunning!!!

Want something else besides your own pair of gorgeous lashes, but not sure about the lash extensions either? Well lucky for you, there are tons of other options!

At Lashfully (and at other licensed salons!), there are a bunch of other treatments to give you a fabulous lashed look for your day. Personally, we offer 3 options for the bride-to-be besides full lash extensions. They are:

1.   Glam lashes {aka Weekend Lashes} which are lash clusters that last 3 days.

2.   Lash Extension Light which will last 5-7  days.

3.   Finally, we also have a variety of strip lashes which are easy to apply and can last up to 3 days if you take care of them properly.

And, once your big day is done and you’re ready to remove them, all temporary lashes are easily removed with a small amount of olive oil and a steamy shower!

As much as I would love to see you all at Lashfully, I know you can’t all live close enough to our salons! So, when you’re finding the best salon in your area for the job, just make sure you do your research. The key to beautiful lashes is finding a salon that specializes or is licensed to apply them! Happy lashes ladies!

What is Lashfully – Why we’re a beauty lounge specializing in lash extensions.

Lash extensions are a semi-permanent application of individually applied synthetic lashes.  The lashes look and feel natural and lightweight, but dramatically accentuate and enhance the beauty of your own eyes.  Others will marvel at how gorgeous you look without knowing your secret.  Many of our clients are so pleased with their new lashes, they throw away their mascara.

To create a look that’s uniquely “you” our lash artists will choose from over 70 different types of lashes, varying in length, thickness and curvature.  Our work is all customized and your look will be based on your natural lashes, the shape of your eyes and your desired look.  Get ready for instant, lush results.


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