Fashion Friday: Saving Your Skin with Gina Marí

Today is another glorious Fashion Friday – and do I have a treat for you! Today I am so pleased to introduce special guest blogger, and skin savoir, Gina Marí. With her cutting edge salon in the heart of Los Angeles, Gina and her team are prized as some of the best in the biz to keep skin looking younger – and who doesn’t want that?? With a clientele base that spans everyone from suburban housewives to A-list celebrities, Gina has seen (and treated!) it all. And, today I am beyond excited to share her tips on how to make your skin look its’ best on your big day! Enjoy!

Well ladies, here we are! You’re getting wedding ready, you’re so excited…. but your skin just seems to lack that youthful glow! It’s a common problem and was one of the major reasons I became an esthetician! And, today I’m going to share with all of you what kind of a regime you’ll want to follow to save your skin and look amazing on your wedding day! So, let’s get started!

I like to break down what you want to do about your skin in a sequence of how far away your big day is – and I like to start my clients treatments about a year out from theirs. This way, we can really get aggressive on what we want to treat and see the best results! So to start this stage, I like to get my clients to take a look at their skin and decide what they want to treat – be it acne, fine lines or even scars. And, don’t limit yourself to just your face! If your wedding dress is like many of the gorgeous ones on the market today, it might show off your neck, décolletage, arms and  even your back (all of which are areas you can treat!). So get ready to take a long, hard look at your skin, determine your problem areas and get ready to beautify with treatments like microdermabrasion, heavy peels and even extractions to clean your skin pore by pore!

{ Meet Rachel – Part of the Team at Gina Marí }

Now you’ve got your skin saving regime started, you’ll want to continue your treatments into your 6 month countdown! Some of the things I suggest are to keep going with your microdermabrasion or peels, plus add in some extras like glycolic body washes and LED body infusion to target any specified skin issues you might have, such as pigmentation or aging. Also, you’ll want to make sure your getting the best bang for your beauty buck so keep in mind that some foods and habits can really put wear and tear on your skin (sun worshippers, I’m talking to you!). So, remember to wear your sunscreen and limit your sun exposure, try and drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated and cut back on your caffeine so your skin doesn’t get puffy (and yucky!).

With your excitement really mounting now, it’s time to do some last minute skin saving techniques. Remember that now it’s really critical to keep your caffeine intake low and your water consumption high! Besides that, you’ll want to do some little tweaks to your regime so they’re suitable for your wedding day being a month away. I also recommend one last light facial around this time to get a great glow. ALSO perhaps the biggest suggestion I have for this time is to keep with the regime and products you know are safe! Don’t risk a break out or rash by switching up your beauty routine!!

{ Meet Katelyn – Another Great Team Member at Gina Marí }

You’re in the home stretch, and now it’s time to get your pamper on! You want to do any last minute aggressive treatments to make sure you looking amazing when your big day comes! Some oxygen therapies can also help give you an amazing glow and might be something to look into at this stage! Finally, the day before your big day, I suggest going in for one final “pretty” treatment! A microdermabrasion is perfect for your whole body so your skin looks spectacular, as is a final dose of vitamins applied directly to your skin! And, if you have some early morning time on the BIG DAY, it can be a great idea to do your “pretty” appointment then so you look as fresh and lovely as you can!

And that’s it – flawless skin can be yours with my simple timeline and techniques! And, if your in the LA area, don’t forget to come by and book your wedding beauty regime with us! Happy weddings (and skin care!) everyone!!!

A refreshingly revolutionary approach to skincare is what sets Gina Marí apart! As one of the leading experts in the world of skincare, Gina offers not only treatments but an experience that’s unlike any in the business.

Located in the heart of Los Angeles, Gina’s clients vary from housewives and beautiful brides-to-be to A-list celebrities! Sought after for her cutting-edge technologies and treatments, Gina has earned her reputation as a skin savoir!

Check out Gina’s website for a full list of services, location and contact information here!

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