Fashion Friday: Flirty Fifties

Whoopee! It’s finally another Fashion Friday!! And today’s is very near and dear to my heart – Flirty Fifties Fashion!! Not only do I love the bold styles of the 50’s, but I’ve been absolutely enamored with all the amazing modern brides that are rocking a retro look at their wedding. From fun pops of color with a petticoat or sash to the bombshell vibes of a bold red lip and cat eye combination, today I’m rounding up my favorite ideas for a Fifties Fabulous bridal style! Throw on the Elvis and get ready to shake your hips a little as we take a trip back in time and look at the best ways to get a real fifties look on your big day! Enjoy!

{ By Connolly Ads circa 1950 }

Above are the 3 top Hollywood Vixens of the Day: Jayne Mansfield // Grace Kelly // Marilyn Monroe

If you’re choosing a 1950’s look for your wedding, chances are your style icons are already from the era! However, with such a diverse group of ladies to pick from (including modern day pin-up girls and vintage starlets!) it’s important to decide on a single style you want to embody. Maybe you want to channel the demure beauty of Grace Kelly or you want an all out bombshell look like Marilyn Monroe – the choice is completely your own! So get out there, start researching and get your style together; it’ll make the rest of your steps much easier!

Need a place to start looking? Why not take a look at our Vintage Vibes board on Pinterest? With retro style galore, it’s a perfect starting point on finding your own bridal style!

Now that you’ve chosen your style icons, it’s time to consider what you’ll need to create their flawless face for yourself! And, whether you’re getting a professional to style you on your big day, or you’re doing the job yourself, inspiration photos are going to be your best friends at this stage! If you’re going to be having a makeup artist work their magic, then make sure you take your inspirations to them at your makeup trial! The 50’s look can be very different and bold from what a lot of us wear day to day, so your makeup trial is going to be the key to ensuring you’ll love your bridal look when the big day comes. Think that the pin-up style eyebrows are fantastic but on your face make you look like a Muppet? Never fear, your artist can show you a few different looks till you can’t believe how gorgeous you are (and you are gorgeous!). Same thing for if you’re doing the look yourself. Make sure you pick up the products you’ll need to create your look, watch tutorials online or get a book about retro makeup styles and techniques from your local library. Then you can try out all the details before you’re doing it for your wedding. This practice ensures your calm and collected on the big day, just as your makeup trial ensures you’re stress free when your wedding day comes! And stress free is the way we all want to be on our big days!

For those ladies doing their own makeup, check out these two great tutorials to make Juicy Cherry Lips from The Beauty Department (above) and How to Apply Falsies (False Eyelashes) Like a Pro from House of Lashes!


Your face is all done, you’re looking fabulous but your still need the hair to finish off your beauty routine – but what kind? The Fifties are known for very stylized hairdo’s so you’ll want to start finding these inspirations well in advance too! Some are simple to do with a little practice while others need a fairly well developed hair-doing prowess! Either way, whatever look you choose, practice is going to be the key! Once again, ensure you have some good inspirational photos to work off of, and either research how to re-create the look for yourself or take a few of your best photos of hairstyles to your hair trial. Just make sure that the style is easily visible in the photos – the more detailed and the better quality the photo, the easier it is for your stylist to get your look right the first time! Same for re-creating a look. I would even suggest finding tutorials first that have step-by-step details on how to create a hairstyle and choosing from one of those if you’re doing your own hair. This way you know you’re going to be able to re-create the look with a little practice instead of being left floundering in an abyss of pins, setting lotions and scarves!

Some great key-words to get you started: Pin Curls, Vintage Hair, 1950’s Hair, Pinup Girl Hair, Simple Pin Curls, Fifties Waves.

With your look almost complete, add that last special something(s) with these Fifties Fab ideas for Finishing Touches  { Birdcage Veil // Colorful Petticoat // Red Stiletto Nails // Red and White Polka Dot Nails // Gingham and Rose Print Nails // Beverly Clark Collection Gala Garter Set // The “Genie” Heel }

Have a great weekend everyone, I hope you all enjoyed reading this post as much as I loved making it! See you all Monday – Happy Weddings!

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