Fashion Friday: 3 Trends for 2014

Happy Friday everyone! The New Year is almost upon us, and that means we’re loving all the trend predictions for what’s going to be hot in 2014! It also means that we want to throw our own predictions into the ring and share what we think are going to be 3 major trends in the world of weddings this coming year. From elegant garters to gold glam, these are our 3 top picks for trends, enjoy!

{ Rami Kadi Gowns }

Beyond glam, these golden dresses are the perfect statement piece for you and your ‘maids. With their tea length cut (also a trend we see continuing into 2014), they’re a cutting edge yet elegant way to make a glamorous fashion statement on your big day! Plus, with patterns and textures like this, we don’t see these dresses looking aged anytime soon!

{ Alana Couch Photography }

So cute, we love seeing new styles for flower girls – and these voluminous tutu’s are gaining momentum as the #1 choice! Not only do they look adorable (which of course they do!), but these flowing frocks are sure to delight your flower girlĀ  just as much as they do you = win/win!

{ High Style Applique Sash/Garter }

Finally, from our brand new collection we are excited to announce that our hard planning and research seem to be in-line with the bridal market! With the resurgence of elegant designs and a love of vintage, our versatile High Style Sash/Garter is a unique choice for brides who want a sexy yet elegant garter to adorn their thigh – a major trend we see for 2014!

Can you think of anything else that’s going to trend in 2014?? If so, we’d love to hear it – sound off below! Have a great weekend everyone, see you all Monday!

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