Battling the Inner Bridezilla: Expect the Unexpected

It’s been, wow, nearly 4 months since my last Bridezilla entry (when I ranted about one of my bridesmaids deciding she no longer wanted to be in my wedding). Yes, far too long and I can’t believe it’s been that long, but I have to admit a lot has happened to my wedding plans during that time.

And over these last few months I’ve learned probably the single most valuable lesson when planning a wedding that I’d like to now pass along to all of you: expect the unexpected.

So, to all my fellow Brides out there, here is my rather rocky wedding planning story. Hopefully it will help inspire you to look at the bigger picture too, because a wedding, no matter how fabulous it may be, doesn’t mean a happy marriage.

As many of you have previously read, I have been planning my destination wedding set to take place in Mexico this fall.

And like many of you, I’ve had people telling me to stop worrying (and dare I say, obsessing?) about the little things and trying to make my big day perfect, because let’s face it, a perfect wedding that goes off without even the slightest hitch only exists in fairy tales.

They were right. My hitch was actually pretty major, and one that no amount of planning and preparation could have ever prepared me for…

Two weeks after we booked our flights, the resort and put down the deposits, and just four days after I ordered my wedding dress, I found out I was pregnant.

Yes, a moment of anxiety definitely came over me as I stared down at the two little pink lines on the pregnancy test (and the three other tests strewn all over the counter), and I remember the first panic-stricken words out of my mouth immediately after I broke the news to my fiancĂ©: “What are we going to do?”

Knowing that a baby due in October and a destination wedding planned for November just wasn’t going to happen, and also knowing that we wanted to be married before having children, we did the next best thing…

We decided to elope to Vegas!

Yep, we canceled our dream Mexican wedding, and I’m not going to lie that was really, really hard, and without telling anyone, booked out flights to exciting Las Vegas. We were married on May 9th at A Las Vegas Wedding Chapel (and yes, that’s the actual name. Pretty creative, eh?).

Here are a few photos from my semi-impromptu Vegas wedding. Sure, it may not be much but it was our wedding day, and it was the best day of my life.

The ceremony was actually very nice and it was really romantic having just the two of us there.

We do still plan to have the dream wedding that both of us have always wanted and share our marriage with our family and friends. Besides, my ridiculously beautiful wedding dress is just hanging in the closet and you better believe I’m going to wear it eventually.

So I guess the moral of my story is things happen, and it’s how you remain positive and work through them that really matters.

We can’t dwell on our canceled plans and all of the lost deposits because we get to look forward to the birth of our beautiful little baby and sharing our dream wedding with him or her sometime next year. And that’s not too shabby at all!

But don’t worry, Brides, your wedding day hiccups will probably be more along the lines of a late limo driver, forgotten bobby pins or momentarily misplaced seat covers. The point is, these things happen and it’s OK. Your wedding will be beautiful no matter what and at the end of the day, you’ll still be married to that gorgeous man of yours.

Do you have a similar story? I’d love to hear it, so just leave me a comment below!

Happy weddings (and remember, always expect the unexpected)!

Bridezilla photo courtesy of cheriejoyful.

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3 thoughts on “Battling the Inner Bridezilla: Expect the Unexpected

  1. First of all, congratulations! My fiance’s cousin’s fiancee (sorry lol) was 3 months pregnant on her wedding day. She was very lucky to not be showing much, but everyone says the very next day you could absolutely tell she was pregnant lol.

    I got engaged at Christmas time, and our big day is September 15th. 3 months to the day! Not that I’m counting, or even that excited anymore. It’s been such a headache… and heartache.

    It all started the day after we got engaged. We wanted to tell the world and we wanted to start with the important people, like his parents. So, we made the drive out to his mom’s, she happens to live in an entirely different town than us, so it’s a bit of a trip. We were so excited! When we got there to tell her, everything turned sour. The woman who I had known for the last 3 years as my “mum in-law”, the woman I helped move houses, kept secrets with, visited every week, and loved dearly was nowhere to be found. Instead, there was a cold, detached stranger who had nothing good to say about our engagement. She pretended not to even notice when we told her the news, walking right past us. When my poor fiance could find his voice, he demanded her to come back, and repeated our news. To our dismay, the only response she could muster was “Oh, that’s nice”. Well, friends keep telling me that it’s normal to have a mother in law from hell, but as I had never experienced this before with anyone else, or with her prior to getting engaged, I had no idea how to handle it. In case you’re thinking “oh, she was probably just in shock, she must have gotten over it” or “she was just upset about you taking away her baby boy” let me tell you that neither of those were the case. My fiance’s younger brother was marred just the October before, so there is no way his mother was jealous or concerned. And to this day, her and I have not spoken. Our relationship actually got so bad, that I had to block her on facebook and have her number blocked from my phone so she would be unable to send me rude text messages. Sad, isn’t it?

    So, we’re still dealing with that.

    That’s not the end of the story of my wedding planning blues though….

    To help out, and try to keep me as stress-free as possible, my parents hired us a wedding planner. We accepted her mostly because she also claimed to come with ALL decorations. Everything, all of her services plus every decoration we could dream of for $1000. Pretty good deal, we thought. Unfortunately, this woman turned out to be a crook, and after firing her once, and re-hiring her – (Brides, if there’s one thing I can advise, it’s follow your instincts! If something or someone doesn’t feel right, they probably aren’t. Don’t give out second chances!) we finally had to fire her again for good. Not only did she never once show us a table setting or a single decoarion that she claimed to have in her warehouse, but she would disappear for weeks at a time without any word. When my dad confronted her in the end, she had to nerve to tell him that it was none of his business and that he had nothing to do with the wedding and should butt out. Let me tell you, you do not speak to my dad that way… So, after what I hear was a fight to end all, she was fired. Unfortunately, my poor parents have yet to get their money back. I need a job like that, do nothing and get paid for it…

    If that wasn’t enough, and believe me I feel that it is, it gets better.

    I have three very wonderful, very different bridesmaids. I picked these girls because they have, in some way, had an influence on who I am. I had never considered that picking three different people could lead to any kind of troubles. My biggest worry was that they wouldn’t get along, which thankfully they did. So after looking through every bridal store in the city, we found a dress we all loved. The dress was over $400, and though we had not yet discussed if I would be paying for the dresses or if they would, none of us wanted to spend that kind of money. So, one of my girls tells me that she has experience with a dress company in China who will make exact replicas of dresses for a fraction of the price. Great, let’s do it! almost 6 months later we have still not ordered the dresses. It seems that getting three adults together to do one simple task is impossible. One of my girls works out of town a lot, and so trying to work around her schedule is difficult. It’s been very tough, but I suppose in the grand scheme of things, it’s not the worst that has happened.

    So here I am – 3 months to my wedding and I am without decorations (linens, dishes, center pieces, etc etc etc), without bridesmaid dresses, and though I won’t admit it to anyone else, I think my bridezilla is showing. I’m trying not to get crazy, but I FEEL crazy! I feel like someone has taken over my body and is making me say mean, absurd things. I am looking forward to the wedding just to have it all be done.

    I wish we had eloped, I wish I wish I wish…

  2. Wow, Lindsay, that’s quite the story! I can’t imagine how you must be feeling, and trust me, with all that has happened to you, I’m sure no one would blame you if you let the bridezilla out once in awhile (or at the very least, lock yourself in the closet and SCREAM!). Thank you so much for sharing!

    I hope everything works out for you, and I’m sure it will. Three months may not seem like that long but you’d be surprised what can be done if everyone bands together. Get those bridesmaids of yours in order and remember DIY wedding decor is often the best. Most of your guests won’t notice if your napkins don’t match the tablecloths or if the centerpieces are these grandiose displays. But they will notice the extra little personal touches.

    I wish you the best of luck and I’d love to hear how it all works out.

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