{Real Engagement} Caitlin and Will: Puppy Love

When I first set eyes on Caitlin and Will’s engagement shoot, I was immediately smiling! With love in every glance, C + W’s happiness is nothing short of infectious. I especially love how they incorporated Will’s puppy (and future ring bearer!) Byron into their photos – it’s truly adorable! Our biggest congratulations to the both of you, we are so excited to be able to share your amazing shoot!

A big thank you to Jaye Kogut Photography for sending Cait and Will’s shoot and story our way! See you all Wednesday with another wonderful article from our friends at Destination Weddings! Until then, Happy Weddings (and engagements!). Congrats again Caitlin and Will – give Byron pets from all of us here!!!

2 thoughts on “{Real Engagement} Caitlin and Will: Puppy Love

  1. Caitlin and Will are a very special couple. They have something special and unique.
    The pictures really do tell a story. A love Story ..
    Wishing you both a long and happy life together.
    XXOO Love you both,
    Favorite Aunt Jackie

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