Get the Look: Simple + Chic DIY Wedding Projects

Alright brides to be, lets face it – not all of us are fabulous DIY divas. Some of us don’t have the time, some of us lack the motivation and heck some of us just don’t like to craft…. period! But with the recent trend towards having a handmade wedding, what are those without a crafty bone in their body supposed to do?? The answer is: find simple, chic and time effective projects that you can complete with minimal hassle. And, while I know that the answer sounds like I might just be full of hot air, I’ve picked my favorite products and projects that can give your wedding that little something special with handmade details but take less than a night to prepare. So get your scissors and grab that glue gun – it’s time for us to get to work!

Striped Cotton Baker’s Twine – it’s so simple, so cute and totally makes it look like you are the most fantastic designer in the world! Wrap it around bare utensils for a simple bundle or wrap utensils in a doily or napkin before applying a few loops of the twine. It works perfect on glasses, mason jars and even vases for a great flourish that lends itself to a chic DIY feel but is so simple and easy you won’t believe how wonderful it looks. It can add that little special something and that’s what I love about it! Plus you can wrap it around just about anything – programs, favor boxes, your wishing well… the list goes on! And, it comes in 10 different colors so you can effortlessly match it to the rest of your color scheme. So grab your twine, get wrapping and see how fantastic each creation you or your bridal party makes is!

Now that your a wrapping star, continue on the same simple path to handmade elegance with even more easy details to fit any wedding theme! For a more traditional wedding, try wrapping a Crystal Band around vases or napkins. Or, make one of a kind place cards with a Homespun Charm Sticker that wraps and adheres around everything from fruit to tealight holders. And, if your favors could use a little more pizazz, then unique Box Wraps (the Laser Cut Monogram ones shown) are just for you! A few folds and a simple glue dot and these puppies stay in place and add effortless whimsy to guest favors!

Banners are a fantastic way to infuse your day with DIY charm. And the best part is these need so little assembly that you can make a slew of them in a single night! Simply order and string – that’s it! Some of our designs also need to be popped out of their laser cut paper, but this adds only a few seconds to the entire process. Plus with the customization options, you can make banners for anything you want. Holding a thank-you banner is a perfect shot for your thank-you cards after the wedding. Or, hang one behind a food table to announce what goodies are temptingly plated below. And, because you already have the Striped Cotton Baker’s Twine from before, it’s a wonderful stringing material, especially to keep the flow of your wedding design!

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, why not stay on budget with your own centerpieces? I know it sounds scary, but you can do it! For a great look, simply fill a vase with water, drop in Water Pearls or even Diamond Confetti and see what a great effect you made! Top it off with floating candle or some of your favorite flowers and you have a look that shines! If you want to stay on trend, try making a cute little succulent terrarium in a bell jar {we even have a simple tutorial right here on how to do just that}. And, nothing would look better floating in the water of centerpieces than these phenomenal flower filled ice cubes (via Pinterest!). Simply use boiling or bottled water in ice cube trays packed with flowers to ensure a clear and sparkling ice pack. Freeze. And get a bridesmaid or groomsmen to pop into the centerpieces right before the reception. Best of all, they leave gorgeous flowers floating in your centerpieces when they melt so they’re a win/win project!

Have tons of fun and make memories that last with these amazing FREE printable photobooth props from our friends at Oh Lovely Day. This blog has even more than what we’re showing above for props so we highly recommend checking it out! Just download, print and cut out before attaching them to a simple wooden dowel. We might even suggest sending them through to a local printer (like Staples) to have them printed on nice thick paper. Then you can rest assured they’ll stand tall as everyone hams it up in the booth. And you don’t even have to worry about DIY’ing a backdrop because we have a ton of fabulous ones right here!

This last one if just for fun and is a fab project from fashionlushxx! With a little nail polish, rubbing alcohol and some ingenuity you and your ‘maids can make some custom kicks to rock at your wedding or bachelorette party. For those those who are unsure of their painting abilities, we suggest some simple painters tape to make sure your polish only goes on the soles of your shoes. Check out the full tutorial here! And just a note of caution: We don’t suggest trying this on your $800 shoes – save money, grab a cheapie pair of stellar heels and make them your own!

Hopefully this has your interest peaked in just how simple it can be to add some handmade elements to your wedding day! Be inspired, be adventurous and hunt for those simple projects you love. To get you started don’t forget to check out our Pinterest boards which are full of fab ideas, especially our DIY one! See you all Friday, until then Happy Weddings!



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