DIY Wedding Photo Booths

Photo booths are a great way to entertain your guests, and especially fun for the kids at your wedding. Most likely your guests are going to have some downtime during the cocktail hour while you are doing portraits. A photo booth provides a great way to distract your guests while you are busy. It is also a great way to capture the silly, fun and behind the scenes moments and memories from your big day. By setting up your own photo booth it gives you the flexibility of adding personal touches to your booth that can be customized based on your theme and colors. A DIY photo booth also allows you to work within your budget and is an affordable alternative to hiring a professional photographer. Not sure how to get started? Don’t stress, here are the essential items needed to set-up your own DIY- photo booth.

Backdrop: Set the Stage

DIY – Backdrops

Creating your own backdrop using lanterns, streamers or garland can be an inexpensive way to create a playful and simple backdrop that fits in with your décor.

 Personalized Printed Backdrops

A printed backdrop is a great way to personalize your photo booth with your name and date. Printed backdrops require little to no set up time and are easy to transport.

Signage: To Guide to Your Guests

Grab a Prop and Strike a Pose! Putting up signs to encourage your guests to visit your photo booth makes for a great self-sufficient photo booth.

Camera: Ready, Set, Click!

A camera is key to any photo booth – but are you worried about leaving an expensive camera at the booth unattended? Don’t be! Leave disposable cameras at your booth for your guests to take pictures with. This way you don’t need to have someone monitoring the booth or camera.

featured here:
Single Use Cameras

featured here:
Single Use Cameras

Props: Creating Laughs

Props are a great, fun addition to any photo booth and by having a variety of options you can keeps things fun and interesting. You can get creative and customize your props to match your theme. This will keep your guests coming back for more. Sunglasses, hats, fans and parasols are some great prop options. Also, leaving chalk and chalkboard signs out for your guests to personalize their own message can add a little extra flair to each photo.

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  1. A DIY wedding photo booth sounds like such a fun idea! The fact that it’s DIY makes it more affordable, and you can customize it to your choice as well. Thanks for sharing the idea!

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