DIY Wedding Decor Ideas: A Touch of {Art Deco} Gold

diy glittered tealight holders

I’m a happy girl today. Not only is it DIY Wednesday but I get to play around with some pretty gold glitter! With Art Deco themed weddings still all the rage, when asked to think of an idea for today’s post I instantly jumped at the chance to share my fave DIY from our very own Deco themed inspiration shoot. And the best part, it’s ‘3 step simple’. So get ready to get your glitter on girls!

The Supplies 

diy gold glittered tealight holders - the supplies

The 3 Easy Steps 

diy glittered tealight holders - step 1

Step 1. Using a clean cloth make sure your luminary is free of all dirt and dust.

diy glittered tealight holders - step 2

Step 2. In a very well ventilated area, using an up and down motion for an uneven finish, spray on the adhesive. Go light with the spray and keep it concentrated to the top of the luminary.

diy glittered tealight holders - step 3

Step 3. Lightly dust glitter directly onto the sprayed area. {Tip: Take care to avoid a heavy handed application. A thin finish produces the prettiest effect, allowing the candlelight to shine through}

The {Glitzy} End Result

diy glittered tealight holders

Can you believe it’s that simple? Makes you want to make tons of them doesn’t it! And that’s a good thing because they do look best in groups. For an added touch of interest, alternate the ends of the luminaries you’re spraying. You’ll get a lovely effect from the various heights of candlelight.

Looking for More DIY Glitter Ideas? 

art deco themed wedding inspiration

Check out the full Art Deco inspiration shoot in the current issue of Weddingstar magazine, available for purchase online and on all major newsstands, and shop the entire look at




12 thoughts on “DIY Wedding Decor Ideas: A Touch of {Art Deco} Gold

  1. I am doing this with 450 bottles! 7-10″ message in a bottles. i ordered 2 pounds of glitter…. do you think that is enough? i appreciate your thoughts.

  2. Hi Nicole,

    It’s hard to say for sure, depending on how dense you would like to apply the glitter as well as if you are just covering the top like we have or if you are covering the entire bottle. If covering the entire bottle you may need more, however glitter does go a long way! Hope this helps some!

  3. I love this! I’m adding this touch to the wedding centerpieces! Did you spray anything over the top to adhere the glitter to make sure it doesn’t flake? I’m worried it may do that in transport. Thank you!

  4. Hi Lindsay,

    We didn’t add anything to the top. They do keep pretty well but will flake off to a certain degree the more they’re handled. We would recommend checking out your local arts and craft store, as they may have a product there that can be used for setting the glitter to help prevent the glitter from flaking.

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