Equestrian Love Feature: DIY Miniature Pie Favors

With the launch of our latest style lookbook, Equestrian Love we featured a ton of great homespun inspiration for your perfect rustic wedding. And, nothing says charming or country better than pie! Keep your own rustic wedding in theme by giving guests a wedding favor they’ll love (and devour!) by making miniature pies. Heck, we even have an adorable Miniature Pie Packaging Kit that will give you everything you need to package your pastries so they’re pretty as a picture! You just need to whip up a few batches of mini pies and today we are showing you how – our designer Tara has even included her secret recipes for you to print!

What You Will Need


So you’re going to make everyone jealous of how amazing you are as a baker right? Now that we have that decided you just need to pick up some essential supplies and you’ll be ready to get cracking 😉

1.   First things first, you’re going to need a fantastically delicious mini pie recipe! Luckily Tara, our designing mastermind behind this stunning shoot, has been kind enough to offer up her own secret recipes! Choose from classic apple, sweet strawberry or perfect pecan and purchase the ingredients for your mini pies. Maybe you should even pick up a little extra… after all you should taste test a few to make sure their O.K. for your guests right?!?

{ To get the recipes, simply click the photo above (or right here) and a .pdf file will open. That means you’ll need a program that opens .pdf files in order to view and print it. Most people use Adobe Reader as it is a free download and 100% safe! Simply search “Adobe Reader” in your favorite search engine and voila! }

2.  With your recipe cut, your ingredients bought and your apron tied on tight, what else could you need? Why our “Sweetie Pies” Miniature Pie Packaging Kit  of course – each one includes everything you need to pack up to 20 pies with retro style, just like you’re back in the day! With red and white striped twine, your favors will be delicious and look fantastic!

3.   If the red and white twine won’t match your wedding decor and theme, then pick out another color from our Striped Cotton Baker’s Twine selection. With 10 colors to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect match.

4.   Now take a peek at these delectable photos for inspiration and ideas!

Well I don’t know about you guys, but my tummy is telling me I should be making pie for supper – yum! Hope you all have fun baking up these mini pies. For more rustic wedding inspiration don’t forget to check out the Equestrian Love Lookbook! See you all Friday with a brand new pro tip! Happy Weddings!

All photos via Weddingstar Inc, with the exception of photo #4 in the Yummy! section which is courtesy of Pinterest.


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  1. What size are the tart shells? Are they the disposable aluminum 3″ or smaller? Where did you find them at?

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